Unity safety code

In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, your safety, and the safety of all our teachers, therapists and staff, is our top priority. This page lays out our approach to safety and some of our key measures to control the risks. It also has a link to our full safety code and risk assessment document.

Visiting the Unity Centre safely

There are many steps we’re taking so that your experience at the Unity Centre can feel not only enjoyable and therapeutic but safe. There are also some things you can do to help us and our other guests.

Here are the top 10 things you may want to know:

  1. Distancing. We’ve thought carefully how the Centre works, physically, with a one-way system (enter at the front, leave at the rear), staggered timetables and signposts designed to ensure physical distancing
  2. We have very small classes (a maximum of 6 students in a space designed for 18) in our high-ceilinged, well-ventilated Sycamore Room, with floor markings to ensure full 2 metre distancing and everyone facing the same direction during practice
  3. Health. We regularly check the health and wellbeing of our teachers, therapists and staff – we check their temperature every day they’re on site and they take a Covid test once a week.
  4. When you arrive at the Centre, we’ll ask you to make a health declaration and we’ll take your temperature too. We use non-touch infrared thermometers and also provide disposable, hygienic, single-use thermometers (for greater accuracy). We also ask you to check that you and household members do not have a raised temperature or other Covid-19 symptoms before you set off: if you do, please contact us to cancel or postpone your booking. Where appropriate we may send you a  disposable, hygienic, single-use thermometers by post for a pre-visit check
  5. Face coverings. You must wear a facemask on arrival and in all common areas of the Unity Centre*. Our staff, teachers and practitioners will do the same. Facemasks are mandatory during close contact treatments (including massage), optional during classes and should not be worn in the floatation pool or sauna
  6. For massage and other treatments, therapists wear visors, face masks and gloves, and there are strict routines of hand washing and other hygiene precautions. It is also a requirement that you must wear a mask
  7. Cleaning. Our timetables and appointment schedules have been designed from the ground up to include lots of time for thorough cleaning: gaps (30-45 minutes or more) between classes and between each floatation, each sauna and each treatment session, with frequent wiping down of common touch points throughout the building
  8. There’s deep cleaning during the day and in the evenings, and we are closed on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons for additional deep cleaning
  9. Personal equipment. For yoga and pilates, we ask you and everyone to bring your own mats and other equipment, with special arrangements if you need to use Unity extras (eg blocks). For floats and saunas, please bring your own towel
  10. Online bookings. All bookings and payments must be made in advance, using the ‘Unity yoga’ app, website or (if that’s difficult for you) by phone to 01273 778400. Walk-in bookings are not possible

* if you arrive without a mask, we can provide one for a £1 donation to our community work. If asthma or another breathing condition prevents you from wearing a mask, please speak to one of us.

Download the full Unity safety code and risk assessment

Unity safety code and risk assessment

(PDF 14 pages)