Have you wondered what was behind Lewes District Council’s decision to award the tenancy of the former Turkish Baths to Unity Centre for Yoga, Well-being and The Arts?
You probably heard Lewes District Council backed a residents’ petition to retain this iconic public building for social and community use.
But perhaps you’re wondering, ‘how can a yoga centre provide social and community benefits?’
If this is the case, I’ve got some good news for you.
Unity Lewes, the company awarded the Turkish Baths tender isn’t just offering standard yoga classes to the few.
Unity Lewes has the vision to create a wholly inclusive, community centre. Here, all ages, abilities, and people from all backgrounds can benefit from a discipline not only widely practised for health and relaxation but also, therapeutic art, movement & mindfulness activities.
My point is this. Unity Lewes isn’t just providing yoga classes to help you feel stronger and flexible in your body; it’s offering a range of yoga related and arts activities that’ll have a positive effect on your physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.
Consequently, after some of our therapies, classes, training and events at Unity Lewes, you’ll feel calmer, more centred and at ease with yourself, your relationships and life around you.
Here are ten reasons why Unity Centre for Yoga, Well-being and The Arts will be an asset to the Lewes Community:
1. Classes and workshops for all
Do you have a preconception that yoga is only suitable for particular bodies, backgrounds, abilities and economies? Then let us demystify it. Unity Lewes wants to attract adults of all ages who may be hesitant to try yoga and the arts activities for fear of their exclusivity.
2. A place where people with physical disabilities and differences can experience a more comfortable body and tap into distant feelings and memories
Beyond that Unity Lewes plans to support people with specific needs such as those who have suffered brain injuries and strokes. Planned activities include music for dementia, yoga therapy for cerebral palsy, dance classes for seniors and arts & crafts clubs for people with learning differences, run by specialist facilitators, teachers, therapists and practitioners.
3. A place that supports those with common mental health struggles
Do you suffer from anxiety or stress? Then come and learn how to calm your mind and alleviate chronic symptoms with breathing practices and mindfulness techniques.
4. A place where children can be calm, present and happy
Unity Lewes will be a fun place where children can learn how to improve coordination, strength and flexibility as well as concentration and self-confidence with yoga.
But that’s not all. We know how difficult it is to find time for yourself when you have children. So we’ll provide opportunities for parents and children to take part in independent sessions simultaneously in adjacent rooms. This has worked well for many years on our yoga-based holidays.
5. A place where you can enjoy movement & dance classes
Dancing is fun. It lifts your spirit, frees your body and helps you to connect with others. So we plan to run Salsa/ Flamenco/ Ballroom/Ballet/5Rhythms, and other styles in the beautiful main studio.
6. A place where you can enjoy supportive massage, therapies and holistic spa treatments
Take time out and relieve your tired body and stressed mind with:
Holistic/deep tissue/Thai massage/shiatsu/acupuncture and more in the nurturing Therapy RoomA relaxing saunaA session in a floatation tank
7. A place to enjoy good food
If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll be able to pop in and enjoy a selection of delicious vegetarian food.
Furthermore, we plan to put on specialist food and drink evenings. Some of which will be candlelit and accompanied by gentle live music or a dance performance. Here you can sit back and relax in our Eastern-inspired and wonderfully comfortable décor.
8. A place to make friends
Loneliness is a problem for many seniors. Also, being at home with young children can be isolating. Unity Lewes wants to invite you to meet and make friends in a welcoming, and friendly environment. You can enjoy music, watch a play or join a Unity Lewes social group, such as a book club.
9. A community centre that supports local businesses
Unity Lewes is giving local businesses the opportunity to showcase and sell their works through its gallery and shop.
10. A community space you can rent out for special events
Local groups often struggle to find suitable venues in Lewes to host events. We are happy to have located a beautiful light and spacious studio space, which we can make available for all. The former Turkish Baths building is ideally situated in the centre of Lewes and has disabled access. So please approach us with your ideas!

Local groups often struggle to find suitable venues in Lewes to host events. We are happy to have located a beautiful light and spacious studio space, which we can make available for all. The former Turkish Baths building is ideally situated in the centre of Lewes and has disabled access. So please approach us with your ideas!
In essence, Unity Lewes Community Centre aims to have a positive effect on people’s lives in diverse but complementary ways.
If you leave with a greater sense of well-being, and the therapeutic effect carries on into your daily life, then we will have achieved our goal. It gives us a great sense of satisfaction to know we’re able to offer a little respite from everyday stresses.
By the way, if you are thinking about Health and Wellbeing as a career, Unity Lewes is also an established Training School, with over 16 years experience in vocational certification in various types of Yoga, Massage & Bodywork, First Aid and Anatomy & Physiology.
These are the social and community benefits Unity Lewes aims to deliver.
Are you willing to support the Unity Lewes project?
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Thank you for your support in our opening week!We have been overjoyed to welcome so many people to our opening weekend and the week of introductory classes, therapies and treatments.

We continue to offer a £30 membership for 30 days for all our new members, you can also drop in to classes and find what suits you best.

Thank you to our wonderful family of teachers and therapists, this has been an unforgettable week!

We would like to apologise for a delay in responding to emails & calls, we have had a few initial technical issues; thank you for bearing with us!

Pop in, we would love to give you a warm welcome,
The Unity Team