Unity Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 200 hrs

A personal and professional journey to share the benefits & depth of inclusive yoga.

The next course starts in October 2024.


What is Unity Yoga Teacher Training?

The Unity Yoga Teacher Training is a Level 3 training and recognised by Yoga Teachers Together (YTT). It offers an in-depth syllabus, covering the foundations of yoga. You will graduate from the course confident to teach yoga, with a recognised and respected qualification.

The programme was established and is taught by Sevanti, Founder and Director of Unity. Additional respected and renowned teachers share their passion and experience in specific subjects, bringing a diverse range of subjects and approaches to the heart of yoga. The core of meditation and authentic practice runs through all facilitators to deliver a dynamic and fresh framework for each student to blossom as an individual and as a teacher.

Should you wish to experience some Unity Yoga, we have a wonderful 7 day Chakra Yoga course, designed and recorded by Sevanti in 2021, available for download here. You can also try Sevanti’s teaching with our compliments, here: Complimentary Heart Chakra Yoga Class (2 hours).

When is the next course?

The next course begins in October 2024 and runs two to four days a month until June 2025. The full schedule and timetable is below. The schedule of dates may be subject to slight change but will largely remain as below.

Come and try Unity Yoga at the Brighton Yoga Festival in Brighton on 15th June 2024!

If you wish to try the Unity Yoga style, meet the teacher or just simply find out more about the course come and visit us in Brighton. We will be one of the main sponsors at the BYF.

You are welcome to join the morning class with Sevanti and enjoy one hour of Unity Yoga!

Should you wish to practice in a more private environment and visit the venue we can arrange a complimentary yoga class with Sevanti on Friday morning. Please contact us on school@being-in-unity.com to book.

For a more immersive experience you can also join Sevanti’s half day retreat experience at Barcombe Village Hall. There is the much-loved annual week-long retreat, this time in Andalusia, Spain, starting at the end of July. Sevanti also has a weekend autumn retreat coming up in Wales, in October. Enquire now for places and early bird prices.

The ’24-25 prospectus is being finalised. Please see the 2022 prospectus below as an example.

This video was filmed in 2021. This year’s diploma starts in October 2024.

“Unity Yoga has a special place in my heart. I started this course hoping to learn more about how to teach yoga and I left feeling inspired and changed not just as a teacher but in all aspects of my life. Unity Yoga has nurtured my body, my mind and my soul. This 9 months teacher training course feels more like the beginning of a new direction in my life and I can’t wait to find out where it will take me. What I love most about this course is how it allows you to let you find out about the teacher you want to be as opposed to following someone else’s path that’s already laid out for you. It requires you to dig deep and it was more challenging than I could have imagined, but then all things worth doing are. So if you want a true yoga practice I can’t recommend this course more. Sevanti is an incredible teacher.”Hilde

The Diploma

  • A thorough, intensive and enlightening training that will prepare you and guide you through the running and teaching of your own classes.
  • A nine-month diploma, with over 200 hours of contact tuition, recognised by Yoga Teachers Together (YTT).
  • Monthly long-weekend sessions (2 or 3 days) at the Unity Centre in Lewes: Thursdays 9.30am-5.30pm, Fridays 9.00am-6.00pm and Saturdays 9.30-6.00pm.
  • 50/50 practical & theoretical study.
  • Set coursework (written assignments, asana charts and a journal)
  • Teaching 4 months external weekly classes, plus three months of one-to-ones, with written feedback.
  • A practical exam, anatomy & physiology exam and a written paper set as homework.
  • Asana, Mudra, Pranayama, Meditation, Kirtan, Ritual, Yantra, Mantra and Sound Healing. A thorough foundation in Yoga, covering a spectrum of subjects, welcoming all styles of yoga.
  • Understanding Unity Yoga. Day two of each training weekend will include a 90-minute Unity Yoga class with Sevanti.
  • Unity Partner Yoga™
  • Specific Anatomy & Physiology sessions lead by A&P lecturers Earle Abrahamson & Chris Swain. Two Anatomy & Physiology classes with Earle 10am-6pm and one day with Chris, from 10am-5pm. Plus one exam (one hour).
  • Small groups; a maximum of 12 students to allow a supportive, family-like atmosphere.
  • Created and run by Sevanti, Founder and Director of the Unity Centre & School, plus visiting respected & renowned teachers offer sessions in specialised areas such as yoga for special needs, pregnancy, less-able-bodied, deaf, elderly & children. Previous teachers have included Ellen Lee, then chair of the Independent Yoga Network.
  • Supportive teachers.
  • Beautiful space to learn in.
  • A fun, awakening and inspiring personal journey.
  • An excellent, highly regarded professional certificate with the most supportive and authentic body, YTT.


  • ​The course requirements suggest that you have had a regular yoga practice for at least three years. This means practicing around 3 times per week, including at least one weekly taught class. This guideline is flexible so please call to discuss your experience. Often a strong current passion and commitment to the path may be more worthy than years of a weaker relationship with yoga. Each student is unique.
  • ​A face-to-face or telephone interview will be required before acceptance on the course.
  • ​Students must read the the full terms and conditions and students learning contract. These are in the prospectus, which you can download from this page. We require signed contracts to show that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions, including that if the student chooses to not continue the course the full course fees must still be paid and no monies are refundable.


  • ​Ongoing support with admin and payment organisation.
  • ​Information regarding bursaries and grants for those on a low income. Please contact Lu at school@being-in-unity.com
  • ​Teaching manuals downloadable on Dropbox.
  • ​Becoming a member of the awarding body, with access to information and support.
  • ​A discount on student insurance.
  • ​Graduates are eligible to register with CIMSPA.
  • A one day Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) qualification taught by Flora Schnider (Elements First Aid Training). This practical one day course not only includes the topics required by the Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) for the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) qualification certificate, but has been developed further to incorporate common situations that may occur whilst doing yoga and studio work. This is an extra £100.
  • ​The opportunity to teach at Unity with marketing support after the course.

To consider

  • ​Students are required to take four hours of workshops (including as part of a yoga retreat) with Sevanti through the duration of the diploma. This is in addition to the Friday morning yoga classes that Sevanti will teach as part of the training (these classes will also be open to the public).
  • ​As a student, you will be experiencing a powerful group journey together. We honour the yogic principles to create harmony and flow within the group.
  • ​Our values underpin the flavour of the atmosphere that we create at Unity. Please read through these on our Unity Core Values section and feel if this is in harmony with what you are looking for.
  • In addition to the internal and external assessment, the student is also assessed informally throughout the course in practical application, in addition to theoretical input and general conduct. The student must demonstrate the appropriate personal qualities expected of a yoga teacher during the course in order for them to receive their certificate.
  • ​Students are required to arrive to classes and exams on time and hand in assessments and coursework on time. Download the prospectus for the full Ts & Cs.
  • ​Unity has the right to terminate the students participation on the course. Download the prospectus for the full Ts & Cs.

“Thank you Sevanti for another wonderful course with an amazing group of people. I’ve learnt so much personally and professionally”Ali

“What an amazing course, what an amazing teacher! Thanks so much Sevanti, for your authenticity and realness!”Nathan

What is Unity Yoga?

Unity Yoga is a deep and meditative flow through seated meditation, asana, pranayama and savasana. It is an enquiry into organic, natural movement; moving inwards through focussed awareness to then open outwards into a spectrum of authentic yogic postures with sensitivity and strength.

The heart of this practice is about ‘being with oneself’, letting go and enjoying the process of unfolding rather than judging or forcing. We establish our practice through the recognition of our miraculous, intelligent body and mind, therefore moving naturally and uniquely to our personal form and personality.

Through this sensitive authenticity we are able to explore a diverse spectrum of asanas with various approaches and dynamics. Meditation, breath, letting go, depth, humility, these are the entry points to a long-term nourishing and inspiring practice. Our style changes as we change, but this diploma is interested in the underlying thread of Yoga, the ability, primarily to connect with our ultimate truth and live our potential of love and joy. The dynamics and content may vary between Unity Yoga Teachers, but the central focus is on the fluidity of natural and authentic movement, relationship with breath and the awareness of our fundamental state of being.

A Unity class usually starts with seated meditation, followed by mantra and pranayama. The body is warmed up before flowing through restorative/flowing/dynamic asanas, weaving through an awakening and cleansing journey through the chakras. The approach is sensitive, attentive and sacred. The body-mind is respected as a whole system, honouring the felt sense of emotions, thoughts and beliefs stored within the physical body. With courage, surrender and lightness we tune in to the intelligence of our system, and the simplicity of letting go of the tension held within the body and mind.

Care is taken to be true to our unique body, enjoying a wide range of possibilities and variations to maintain safe and effective alignment. Moving and still postures are carefully chosen to take each practitioner on a deep but fun journey of awareness. The purpose of a Unity Yoga session is to allow each person time to pause, to listen to the body, mind and emotions and to un-do any accumulated tension. We can then replace tension with an open heart, spaciousness, positivity and trust.

Yoga brings awareness to all parts of ourselves, inspiring balance and clarity and ultimately a greater connection with our higher self, and all that surrounds us. Swami Satchidananda (Founder of Integral Yoga) said “(Yoga) is a flexible combination of specific methods designed to develop every aspect of the individual; physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual. It is a scientific system which integrates the various branches of Yoga in order to bring about a complete & harmonious development of the individual”.

“It has been an amazing journey, which has had a profound effect on me and my life, I am so glad I found you and your course.”Sophie

“This course has been life changing! :-)”Carla

Unity Yoga Teacher Training Sessions


Two-three days per month starting in October 2024. Dates may be subject to slight changes.

  • ​​Session 1: Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th October ’24
  • Session 2: Thursday 7th – Saturday 9th November ’24
  • Session 3: Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December ’24
  • Session 4: Thursday 16th and Friday 17th January ‘25
  • Session 5: Thursday 27th Feb – Saturday 1st March ’25
  • Session 6; Friday 14th – Sunday 16th March ’25
  • Session 7: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th April ’25
  • Session 8: Friday 6th and Saturday 7th June ’25


  • Thursdays: 9.30am–6.00pm
  • Fridays: 9am–6pm
  • Saturdays: 10am–6pm
So that we can start and finish on time, and everyone has the full benefit of these hours, please always arrive 10 minutes early and be prepared to leave 10 minutes later than the finish time.


  • Coursework in – Tuesday 17th June 2025
  • Exams – Friday 4th and Saturday 5th July 2025

Anatomy & Physiology dates

2024 dates tba. See the dates below for a guide based on the previous course.

  • A&P session 1: Saturday 30th November – with Earle Abrahamson
  • A&P session 2: Sunday 1st December – with Chris Swain
  • A&P session 3: Sunday 26th January 2025 – with Earle Abrahamson
  • A&P session 4: Saturday 8th February – with Earle Abrahamson
  • A&P session 5: Sunday 9th February 2025 – with Chris Swain
  • A&P exam: 8.30am-9.30am – tbc May 2025

First Aid Course

  • 2025 First Aid Course tba. As a guide, a Saturday in February 10.30am-6.00pm.

Cost & Payment Plan

Option 1

  • Discounted price of £3495 if payment received in full by 1st September 2024.
  • £700 deposit (non-refundable after 14-days of payment or after 1st September 2024)
  • The remaining balance of £2795 due by 28th September 2024
  • This can still be paid in instalments, but the full fee must be paid by the start of the diploma
  • To agree a payment plan  for this option please contact us here

Option 2

  • Full price of £3645 if paid after the course start date
  • Students have the option to pay in instalments after the start of the diploma
  • We require a fee of £1245 (which includes a deposit of £700 which is non-refundable after 14-days of payment or after 1st September 2024)
  • Six monthly instalments of £600 follow. To be paid on the following dates:
    • 1st October 2024
    • 1st November 2024
    • 1st December 2024
    • 1st January 2025

If the student chooses not to continue the course, the full course fees must still be paid and no monies are refundable. 

If the course is not accessible to you because of cost, please inquire as we may be able to offer a part-subsidised place. Sevanti runs The Unity Centre believes in equality and accessibility and strives to make holistic well-being available for all, including

  • Those on low income
  • Domestic violence or abuse survivors
  • BAME/ethnic minorities

For those able to give more, there will be an option to pay it forward, with a solidarity payment (e.g. £20/£50/£75) to enable others to attend.

More info to come regarding the available Unity bursaries for the 2024 training. Please contact us to find out more.

Grants & Bursaries

If you would like to learn more about the different grants and bursaries, we have recommend visiting the links below in the past:

  • Princes Trust – Offers up to £500 for those aged up to 30 who are not employed. Find out more
  • Al Mizan Charitable Trust – Offers up to £500 for people to access training who would be in hardship – e.g single mothers. Find out more
  • The Thomas Wall Trust – Up to £1000 to help people offer vocational courses – prioritise those who have faced hardship. Find out more
  • Turn2Us grant Search

These will be updated as we find alternatives. Please contact school@being-in-unity.com if you would like to find out about the Unity Bursary or if you have any questions.

First Aid is an additional £100 (required unless valid First Aid certificate is already held).

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 10 students are required to run this course, a full refund will be given if you book and this is not fulfilled

To register your interest for a place on the Unity Yoga Teacher Training 2024, please contact school@being-in-unity.com.

Once we have received confirmation that you would like to join we will contact you to arrange a telephone or face-to-face interview with Sevanti. You will then be asked to complete the booking forms and contracts and pay the deposit to secure your place.

Course Tutors



Unity Yoga Creator & Teacher
Earle Abrahamson

Earle Abrahamson

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Tutor
Chris Swain

Chris Swain

Anatomy & Physiology Teacher
Amarjeet Bhamra

Amarjeet Bhamra

Assisting Tutor
Amber Ward

Amber Ward

Assisting Tutor
Cathy Stanton

Cathy Stanton

Assisting Tutor
Kathryn Varley

Kathryn Varley

Assisting Tutor
Lex Titterington

Lex Titterington

Assisting Tutor
Narayani Baker

Narayani Baker

Assisting Tutor
Paul Collins

Paul Collins

Assisting Tutor

“Things I have liked the most – The loving, kind & supportive teacher & class, the variety of topics covered and the variety of visiting teachers, Nariani’s voice workshop was the most incredible experience, a beautiful, comfortable studio & fully equipped and that we have to set up our own classes”.Victoria