The Unity Centre – inclusivity and concessions

We aim to include all and help in as many ways as we can so everyone can enjoy and take part in our activities.


Treatments and Therapies

  • Multi-bed clinics in small studio to offer accessibly priced treatments such as massage and acupuncture to those on low income.
  • Reduced rate therapies are offered by recent graduates and students in training on our massage and reiki and training courses.
  • Discretionary discounts on treatment room booking rates for therapists working with vulnerable or financially challenged groups. This saving then gets passed on to the client.
  • 10% discount on therapy room hire offered to registered charities, CICs and social enterprise companies.


  • Affordable Community Classes offered at least twice per week for £5 each. These classes are taught by well-qualified teachers who work at the centre on the main timetable on a rotation basis. When registering for this class the client agrees to confirm eligibility according to status as unemployed, in receipt of benefits etc and is told that they must be willing to produce evidence of their income status on visiting the centre.
  • Specific classes are offered on the weekly timetable 3 times per week for targeted groups such as teenagers, recovering addicts and the elderly. These are charged at a reduced rate between £5 and £8. These will be programmed on a half termly basis so that we can reach different demographics.
  • Yoga Classes with Trainee Teachers are offered to the public at low cost when training courses are running.

Workshops and Events

  • Community Projects are targeted at specific groups who otherwise may not have access to such classes and services. These will encompass various needs and conditions, for example – stress related health conditions, stroke clubs, Parkinson’s, learning difficulties, autism support, carers support. These are funded by successful grant applications and donations.
  • Outreach work supported by grant applications. Our teachers and therapists can work in care homes for the elderly, mainstream schools, special schools, youth clubs, prisons, homeless shelters and other community groups.
  • Corporate events will benefit those in the workplace. Our half day and full day packages will be attractive to local employers as a way to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of their workforce.

Use of our studio spaces

  • 10% discount offered to hirers of the studio spaces who are themselves: Registered Charities, CICs or Social Enterprise Companies. If they do not qualify in this respect they can write to us explaining why their group are deserving of a discount and that they are a not for profit organisation.


We offer concessionary prices on floats, saunas and 5-class cards. To benefit, please come into the Centre with your proof of eligibility so that we can set arrange a (FREE) concessionary pass for you. This pass lasts for 12 months and you will only need to show the proof of eligibility once at the time of registration, and when you renew in 12 months time.

Once you have a concessionary pass you will be able to see the concessionary prices online, via your Mindbody account. And whenever you book a float or sauna, or buy a 5-class card, your concessionary price will be automatically applied. You can book either directly with us at the Centre, online, or via the Unity yoga app.

Concessionary pass eligibility is for:

  • People in receipt of Pension Credit, Universal Credit, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit or Job Seekers allowance.
    A Local Authority benefit letter required.
  • Full time Students (schools, further education, college or university).
    A valid student card with an expiry date or letter from your place of education is required as proof.
  • Those receiving Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Disability Living Allowance (DLA) including free entry for a carer where appropriate.
    Copy of entitlement is required.
  • NHS employees with valid ID
  • Emergency Services employees (Fire, Police, Ambulance) with valid ID

We also have a pay it forward scheme where we donate £5 per month from each monthly membership to help those that would otherwise be unable to attend a yoga class & also to support our community projects.  If you are struggling, perhaps due to illness, unemployment or other unforeseen circumstance, please apply by sending us an email. We have a limited amount of free class places per month and each application will be considered individually.