Unity Partner Yoga™ Teacher Training (IYN)

A 7-day postgraduate diploma recognised by the Independent Yoga Network as a Post Qualifying course.


The diploma is open to existing yoga teachers or those soon to train/certify.

Created and taught by Sevanti, this is the only IYN-recognised Partner Yoga course, and the first Partner Yoga training that we know of in Europe, being established in 2012.

​This course offers an extensive range of partner yoga asanas for duos, trios and groups. The focus of this course resides in qualities of trust, presence, authenticity, connection, giving & receiving, nurturance, acceptance and surrender. Unity Partner Yoga™ is a sacred practice, of release and rejuvenation, it can also be a gateway to a much lighter form of yoga with plenty of fun and laughter too!

What is Unity Partner Yoga™?

Unity Partner Yoga™ is the poetic movement of two or more people dancing through yoga asana together.

​It is appropriate for all ranges of experience, and all relationships from friends to partners, and children to pregnant women. Unity Partner Yoga™ is a deep, restorative, playful and sacred practice of Yoga. It can awaken an inner oasis of deep peace, where we relate with another, and with our self, through truth, trust and tenderness.

​If you would like to find out more about Unity Partner Yoga™, we have various Partner Yoga Workshops throughout 2020.

Below you can find Sevanti’s short video trailer for the Unity Partner Yoga DVD.

“…my practice and teaching have been taken to another level; with a deeper understanding of how bodies work when they come together… Everyone should experience Partner Yoga as it would enable us to make better connections with each other and ourselves.”Bev Heatherington

Through joint- back/forward bends, spirals, inversions and balances, we can gain more strength, balance, endurance, elasticity and fluidity. By allowing another person to guide us deeper into our individual possibilities, we often reach new realms of openness and softness. We share the give and take of being active or passive in a pose, and understand more about alignment and safety. We can learn so much by assisting our partner, often find ourselves in a range and depth of asanas we do not easily experience alone. We can also become more conscious of caring communication. All of these aspects help with how we relate, by being authentic and responsive to our own needs, whilst recognising and allowing space for the requirements of another.

Practicing with a partner raises the necessity of clear and honest communication and feedback. Not only must one be responsible for oneself, but equally, we can expand our awareness and sensitivity to our partners needs too.

Unity Partner Yoga Teacher Training dates


  • ​​Session 1: TBC
  • ​​Session 2: TBC
  • ​​Session 3: TBC
  • ​​Coursework deadline: TBC
  • ​​Exam: TBC


  • UK Course cost: £895
  • £250 deposit due now to confirm your place
  • Remaining balance £645/£600 is due by start of the course
  • Catch-up session is £180

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 6 students are required to run either of these courses, a full refund will be given if you book and this is not fulfilled

10% discount for current and past Unity Students or those enrolling for the 2019 Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (IYN)

If you would like to book your place on the Unity Partner Yoga™ Teacher Training, or chat the course over with us please fill out the application form.

If you need any more information please email Rosie or call 07922 499696.

Course Tutor

Taught by IYN Yoga Elder Sevanti who has been running her Unity Yoga Teacher Training annually since 2002. In 1998 Sevanti established her practice of Yoga (and Massage & healing), naming it ‘Unity’. Since then Unity has expanded to become a Training School, where she has lovingly created her own Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (IYN) and Holistic Massage (MTI) Diploma since 2000/02.

In the early days of 2000, Sevanti spent extensive hours researching and practicing with her friend Sarah Jennings. Sevanti started teaching her practice in 2002, demonstrating her creation of Unity Partner Yoga™ at the ‘Yoga Show’ in 2003.

“Sevanti’s course was challenging, enriching and inspiring. It came at a pivotal time for me and prompted a change of career to dedicate my passion to this joyful and collaborative practice.”Cat Duval