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Your kind donations enable us to extend the benefits of the Unity Floatation Therapy project beyond the opportunities provided by our National Lottery grant


The Unity Floatation Therapy Project

As a not-for-profit community interest company (CIC), we’re committed to supporting the people of Lewes and the surrounding area, both in our regular work and through specific projects. The largest of these, at present, is the Unity Floatation Therapy Project, in which we offer free floatation therapy programmes to people living with or experiencing physical disabilities, certain chronic difficulties or chronic mental health challenges. They’re also offered to key health, emergency and care workers.

It’s thanks to National Lottery funding that we’re able to offer these free programmes at the current time. However, we’re committed to going beyond what the National Lottery makes possible, so that we can help many more people over a longer time period, and we’re seeking to fund this additional work through the kindness of donations.

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