Accessibility & Inclusivity

At Unity we believe that everyone should have the access to holistic health regardless of ability age or financial situation. For a community to truly thrive everyone’s needs should be considered and supported. This is how we flourish.


There is one disabled parking space at the Broomans Lane entrance with disability access via a ramp and fitted rails to enable easier access to the main building.

We have a wheelchair accessible toilet in the main studio building with an adult changing table. There is also a disability hoist for use in the studios or float room.

There is also a buzzer system for disabled users with their own ramped entrance at the rear of the property.

All door widths are accessible by wheelchair (except the sauna and outdoor treatment room).  Including non-slip flooring and grab rails.

The floatation pool accommodates two people so that a carer can accompany disabled users.

The benefits of floatation therapy are far-reaching and scientifically supported, with many medical conditions having been shown to benefit from it. These include but are not exclusive to; anxiety, depression, arthritis, back pain, multiple sclerosis, asthma, migraine headaches, cardiovascular conditions, osteoporosis and various other ailments and pain related symptoms.

Hospital based rehabilitation programs often supplement a patient’s therapy with floatation therapy as warm water has been shown to help increase flexibility, decrease pain, relieve muscle spasms, and improve circulation.

People often report “not feeling disabled” when in floatation pools as floating eliminates the effects of gravity on the body making pain and stress on muscles and joints greatly reduced. During a floatation session, mobility and motion are often significantly improved.

Floats are wonderfully supportive for those suffering with anxiety, stress and depression.

For those who are partially sighted or with visual impairments, we have taken care with colours chosen throughout the centre. Assistance dogs are also welcome.

We have specialist yoga and bodywork equipment available with specialist teachers, facilitators and masseurs available.

Our Massage and Bodywork Therapists use specialist tables which are adjustable for various bodies and abilities and the Therapists are trained to a high level to take care of people’s specific needs.


We offer free entry to carers/ personal assistants (personal use of facilities by carers/ personal assistants is chargeable).

We have liaised with Lewes Access Group and Seeability to ensure our Centre is inclusive and accessible to all.


We run classes and offer treatments for people with a range of disabilities and illnesses including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Arthritis, Heart Conditions, Stroke, Diabetes and people with a wide range of mobility issues.  We are also inclusive of all LGBT and offer classes with sign language.

  • Affordable Community Classes offered at least twice per week on a donation basis. These classes are taught by well-qualified teachers who work at the centre on the main timetable on a rotation basis.
  • Specific classes are offered on the weekly timetable targeting specific groups such as teenagers, recovering addicts and the elderly. These are charged at a reduced rate between £5 and £8. These will be programmed on a half termly basis so that we can reach different demographics.

The accessible classes we offer include:

  • Yoga For Difference
  • Deaf Classes With British Sign Language
  • Women’s Self Defence
  • Singing For Wellbeing
  • Chair Yoga
  • Grief Circle
  • Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

Check out our range of children’s classes too!
Drama, Mindfulness, Art and Dance, Martial Arts, Yoga For Toddlers, Yoga For Children, Yoga For Teenagers and Yoga For Children With Specific Needs.

Use of our studio spaces

  • 10% discount offered to hirers of the studio spaces who are themselves: Registered Charities, CICs or Social Enterprise Companies. If they do not qualify in this respect they can write to us explaining why their group are deserving of a discount and that they are a not for profit organisation.

Equal opportunities

Unity Lewes CIC is an equal opportunities practice and employer and does not discriminate
on the grounds of disability, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.