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We are always very happy to hear from people who might like to be part of our reception and events team … and we’re presently inviting:

Karma yogis

At the moment, we’re looking for some great people to join our small, friendly karma yogi team. If you have some free time and you’re interested in your wellbeing this could be perfect for you!

As one of our karma yogis, you would commit to a regular 4 hour slot each week (some time during Mon-Sat), helping us to greet clients and show them around, assisting in our cafe area, keeping our lovely community centre tidy and clean, and generally helping out – and you would enjoy some beautiful yoga and wonderful spa treats on an exchange basis, in return for your help.

If this interests you, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch very soon.

If you’d like to know more, please email the lovely Sass.

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I would like to join Unity's karma yogis. I understand that this position is offered on an exchange basis, in which I commit to a regular 4 hour slot each week for at least three months and enjoy yoga and spa treats in return for my help.
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