The Unity Centre Sustainability Charter

We keep sustainability at the heart of our planning and operations. We aim to minimise our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.



We see the rapid transition to a low carbon economy as urgent.

We have selected partners and suppliers who can help us achieve our goal and support innovation and new technologies.

With the advice and support of Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-op we have installed a high tech Mastertherm 22kW Air Source Heat Pump.
An under-floor heat network with individual room control settings.

Saving approximately 30-40% of the energy required to heat the building or
3.3 Tonnes of CO2 annually.

We have installed energy efficient LED lights throughout the building.


We will minimise single use plastics.

We will explore available plastic alternatives and align our partners towards the same goal.

We have installed a water fountain so that water bottles can be refilled and will not sell bottled water.

Our café uses only compostable packaging for all food.


We will provide good access to quality potable water at our venue with the water fountain we have installed.


Offering quality and healthy vegetarian and vegan food to our customers is a priority. Soul Soup ( our on site café was born out of a desire to fight food waste, promote low-impact living and make Veganism accessible to everyone. Soul cafe serving affordable plant-based food that’s good for humans and the planet.

Partnerships and Procurement

We will work with our suppliers, partners and sponsors towards shared sustainability goals.

We will consider the full lifecycle of the products we procure and enable the development of new markets to support sustainable products.

We shall only sell and use products, which are natural, organic and wherever possible, locally sourced

All our paint for the decoration of our premises has been sourced from Marchand Son, Lewes. ( Their paints are non-toxic, entirely natural and eco-friendly made with local ingredients from the South Downs, resins and pure ground pigments. A major factor in assessing the true cost to the environmental is the durability and Marchandsons tell us that their products last significantly longer than conventional ones.

The timber that we have used for the café counter and tables, cupboards throughout the building and our outdoor treatment cabin is sourced from a woodland just 30 minutes drive away. It has not been kiln dried but air-dried and has very low mileage transport.


It is important that our venue has good public transport links and we will work with our clients, providers and suppliers to encourage the use of the convenient sustainable transport such as bus, train, and cycling and walking.

Local Impacts

Noise and Light – We will work to minimise the impact of noise and light pollution of our classes and events and will not hold events after 10pm.

Local Community – We support local charities and create local employment opportunities wherever possible. We will endeavour to measure the economic impact that our venue and events have on the local area.

Wellbeing – We will ensure the health and well-being of all staff and visitors.


Our sustainability policy will be centrally managed to keep sustainability at the heart of our planning and operations.

In 2019 we will measure our baseline environmental footprint and we will use this to establish targets that we will work toward each year. We will transparently track, measure, and share our progress and seek to publish annual reports.

We will share experiences (positive and negative) about changes we make, sharing best practices and learn from each other.

We will constantly seek to keep developing and improving this position.