About Unity Partner Yoga™

It is a deep, restorative, playful and sacred practice of yoga. It can awaken an inner oasis of deep peace, where we relate with another, and with our self, through truth, trust and tenderness.


What is Unity Partner Yoga™?

Unity Partner Yoga™ is a deep, restorative, playful and sacred practce of yoga. It can awaken an inner oasis of deep peace, where we relate with another and with our self, through truth, trust and tenderness.

We practice simple meditations, pranayama, mantra and trust exercises before weaving our way through a range of asanas, which may be gentle or more advanced; something for everyone. We complete our practice with relaxation and yoga nidra, precluded by partner-massage if desired.

It is important to note that in this practice of yoga, we are not simply trying to create aesthetic shapes.

The message of Unity Partner Yoga™ is to gain deeper connection with our self through the presence of another. Ultimately, by connecting with others in this way, we can gain an expansion of awareness from self to selfless; expanding our hearts and encouraging a profound loving connection to the world around us.

Ultimately, Unity Partner Yoga™ is a fun way of practicing yoga with a friend or partner, which not only compliments our usual self-practice, but enhances and deepens it on a physical and spiritual level. It is also a great way of working with a group of people and feeling the underlying message of yoga – true connection and union. Although the practice is deep and meditative, there is also plenty of opportunity to result in entangled giggles too!

Practicing with a partner raises the necessity of clear and honest communication and feedback. One must not only be responsible for oneself, but equally, we can expand our awareness and sensitivity to our partner’s needs too. One may practice with a friend, relative, partner/spouse and with children, and usually when practiced with someone unknown, there is a profound and often surprising connection.

Unity Studio offers Unity Partner Yoga™ Workshops which run on various Fridays throughout the year. Please visit our Unity Partner Yoga Workshops page for the most recent and upcoming dates. The workshops are designed for all yoga abilities.

We have some wonderful Unity Partner Yoga™ classes, designed and recorded by Sevanti in 2021, available for download here. Our Unity Partner Yoga™ DVD is available here.

And see Sevanti’s Partner Yoga article in the February 2022 edition of OM Yoga magazine.

Sevanti also runs Yoga retreats in the UK and Turkey, which include classes and workshops in Unity Partner Yoga™.

Acceptance & Surrender
Trust, Presence, Authenticity
Connection, Giving & Receiving

Unity Partner Yoga™ for children

Partner Yoga works very well with children. Two children can practice together, or a child with a parent. From an early age, toddlers love to copy adults and to join in and share the fun! Many of the simpler asanas can be adapted for children, and as with general yoga classes for little ones, we can use the poses to mimic animals and archetypes.

Unity Partner Yoga™ for couples

Partner Yoga can also be incredibly sacred and profound for lovers, and the trust gained in Partner Yoga can be extremely beneficial in romantic relationships.

Unity Partner Yoga™ for pregnancy

Unity Partner Yoga™ is particularly beneficial for the pregnant woman to practice with a supportive partner (either her partner, friend, doula, or family member). All of the same benefits apply as mentioned within the general practice of Partner Yoga, however the practice offers a unique method of deeply connecting with the unborn child, during such a significant and intense time.

The mother-to-be can be supported in a unique and nurturing way, which acknowledges and honours her miraculous capacity to produce and give birth to a new human being. Postures in pregnancy Partner Yoga focus on opening the hips, strengthening the legs, releasing strain and tension and relaxing the mind and body. This can optimise the enjoyment of pregnancy, and aids the preparation for labour. The birthing-partner is shown how to best support the birthing woman, using their own body, and a maternity ball, which is often helpful in childbirth.

Unity Partner Yoga™ and Unity Partner Yoga™ for Pregnancy DVDs and Recordings

The Unity Partner Yoga™ DVD contains material covering a wide variety of postures to be shared with a yoga partner, with variations to suit all levels of experience and ability. It is filmed in the countryside around Brighton, Sevanti’s hometown. The musical score was composed by two Brighton based musicians. Past students, friends and fellow teachers are included, to show a variety of practitioners in a down to earth, but professionally produced format. The voice over may be muted to enjoy the visuals only if preferred. This features 3 hours of material.

The Unity Partner Yoga™ for Pregnancy DVD was filmed in Unity Studio, with pregnant friend Zoe on her due date! The beautiful piano score is composed by Bill Worrall, and the voice over may be muted to enjoy the visuals only if preferred. This includes 90 minutes of material.

We also have a wonderful Unity Partner Yoga™ class with Sevanti and her daughter, recorded in 2021 and now available for download here.