NURTURE for survivors

A free course of yoga relaxation, meditation, self-care and saunas for women who have experienced physical and domestic abuse.

What is Nurture?

Nurture for survivors is a free, eight week course where we welcome survivors of physical and domestic abuse. It is designed to provide a safe, gentle and nurturing time, once a week, to help us take care of ourselves in this often physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging world.

In each weekly session, lasting for 90 minutes, the inspiring yoga teacher and Unity’s founder, Sevanti, will be holding a supportive and nourishing space for quiet meditation, movement, reflection and affirmation, including visualisation, yoga nidra and relaxation – a comforting circle, a private, socially-distanced space for you to snuggle up with a blanket and warm drink, with candles, oils and gentle music. A quiet space to rest and rejuvenate, with opportunities to write, express and share if you wish.

Everyone participating will also receive a sauna each month.

Nurture for survivors is kindly funded by The National Lottery Awards for All and Safer Communities Eastbourne & Lewes District Partnership, with sincere thanks from all of us.

for survivors


What will happen in the weekly Nurture sessions?

The emphasis in each session is on taking care of ourselves, loosening the body and learning techniques to soothe and relax ourselves in stressful situations.

Under Sevanti’s gentle guidance, the sessions consist of gentle relaxation with some meditative sound, essential oils, meditation and gentle breathing practices (which can be on the floor, on cushions, low seats or a chair, as you prefer). There is also some relaxing yogic movements and some self massage techniques taught for deeper relaxation and restful sleep. For the yogic movement, you don’t need to have any yoga experience or be physically agile. Everything is gentle and relaxing, and movements can be varied and adapted to suit you.

At the end is a long relaxation. Please bring a blanket – and a hot water bottle, if you like! Then there’s a chance for all participants to have a chat and a tea together – again, as always, if you wish.

The session offers an opportunity to sense the resilience and strength which lies within us all, aligning with stillness, rest and grounding.

What is the sauna element of Nurture?

During the eight weeks, you can also have two free, relaxing saunas, one per month, in Unity’s lovely private sauna suite (because it’s private, it’ll be just you, no-one else!).

It’s a wonderful way to unwind. Sauna sweating has been proven to help you relax and detoxify your body. It will leave your skin glowing and clean, as the increased circulation draws your skin’s natural nutrients to the surface. A 30-minute session can burn around 250 calories or more. And our infrared radiant heat warms three times as deeply as conventional saunas and can help to relieve inflammation, stiffness and soreness by increasing blood circulation to relax your muscles. It can also help keep blood pressure normal, lower cholesterol levels and reduce chronic pain.

When are the Nurture sessions?

Sessions take place in four blocks.

Block one:

2 March 2022
9 March 2022
16 March 2022
23 March 2022
30 March 2022
6 April 2022
27 April 2022
4 May 2022

Block two:

11 May 2022
25 May 2022
8 June 2022
15 June 2022
22 June 2022
29 June 2022
6 July 2022
13 July

Block three:

14 Sept 2022
21st sept 2022
28th sept 2022
5th October 2022
12th October 2022
19 October 2022
9th November 2022
16th November 2022
23rd November 2022
30 Nov 2022

Block four:

16th November 2022
23rd November 2022
30 November 2022
7 December 2022
14 December 2022
21 December 2022
11 January 2023
18 January 2023

With thanks to Safer Communities Eastbourne & Lewes District Partnership, this project has now been extended until July 2023. New 2023 sessions will be posted here soon.

How do I apply or refer someone to Nurture?

You can use the form below to apply in complete confidence – on your own behalf or to refer someone else with their permission. If you would prefer not to give all your details here, please just provide a first name and phone number and we’ll call you back within a week (sometimes sooner).

Applications temporarily closed

Sorry – we’ve been inundated with applications, so we need to pause our applications process for a little while. We’ll re-open the process soon, so please check this page again from time to time.