Our Values

Practice with devotion, share with love, live your dream.


To Host with Warmth

We wish for all of our students, clients and visitors to feel welcome and honoured at Unity. We offer a homely studio which provides a nurturing, sacred and positive environment, for group and individual work.

To Serve with Professionalism

We are proud of the high standard in our well-established professional trainings, classes and workshops. We welcome other tutors and practitioners who work with similar passion and commitment to their work.

To Work with Love

We deeply believe in the need for self developmental work and personal expression. We feel this work can thrive efficiently in a clear, loving and down to earth environment. We heartfully aim to work with fairness, respect and kindness to all.

To Improve with Enthusiasm

To maintain our inspiration and vibrancy, we are constantly working on exciting projects for the improvement and development of our premises, services and events. We gratefully welcome all constructive feedback and aim to deliver the very best standard possible.

To Unite with Affordability

We welcome a community of local and visiting people. We offer a fair price, with flexible payment plans available for those that require assistance.

How's the New Year's Resolution(s) going ?Come on down to Unity we Love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE ...

We have NEW STUDENT £30 for 30 days unlimited Yoga pass to create some space in your body

We have an INFRARED SAUNA to warm you up (besides all of the health benefits!)

We have an amazing FLOAT POOL to de stress your body (oh and the health benefits are MASSIVE!)

We have the best THERAPISTS offering you a warm welcome with a PLETHORA of Massages and Therapies

We have some fabulous Workshops and Events to interest you 

We've got A LOT going on, pretty sure you are not going to want to miss out ...

WE WELCOME EVERYONE ..... Look forward to seeing you soon x