Classes at the Unity Centre and online

Our mission is to provide safe, inspirational, healing spaces and activities for the whole community. This includes a variety of classes and workshops in socially distanced and deeply cleansed indoor settings, as well as live online.

Unity at home during national lockdown

We reopen on Thursday 22 April for spa treatments, with indoor classes following from 17 May. Until then, we’ll offer a small selection of classes outdoors, in the beautiful Southover Grange Gardens, and Unity at home will continue to offer our daily timetable of live Zoom classes, workshops and courses online.

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Unity at home – live Zoom classes online

We have a wide range of classes live on Zoom every day. Classes for the next seven days are listed below. To see further ahead than seven days, choose a date on the calendar.

Just after you book, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Please check this and keep it safe as it contains your Zoom link and login for the class!

Can't see the day or class you're looking for? Use the calendar at the top of the timetable to select any date and you'll see the next seven days from then.

Private sessions

We enjoy offering ONE-TO-ONEs and ONE-TO-TWOs as private sessions. They can be in parks or through windows … and, for those who can visit, at the Unity Centre. We’re happy to share meditation, breathing and healing practices, yoga (various styles), martial arts, pilates and various other forms of mindful movement.

The price is £60 for an initial private consultation and then £50 per session for further one hour private sessions, for up to two people, with 5-session and 10-session discounts. To book please email reception@being-in-unity.com.

During the pandemic crisis, we’re here to help the most vulnerable of our community with private classes. Please reach out to us, either via a GP Link Worker or directly to Unity, if you are in need of any personal support such as:

Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, other movement therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Floatation Therapy.

To find out more or arrange a session, please email unitygrantproject@gmail.com .

Classes offered at the Unity Centre are either ‘In- House’ Unity Classes or ‘Guest Teacher’ classes

Our ‘In- House’ Unity classes can be booked and paid for in advance using the mind body booking system. All of these classes are offered on a drop in basis. These classes are also open on an unlimited basis to those on Unity membership packages. Members should still reserve their place for each specific classes through the mind body app or via this website.

To secure your place on  ‘Guest Teacher’ classes and courses you will need to pay the teacher directly. These classes are not  part of the unlimited class deal for Unity members. Most of theses classes are for specific groups such as children or pregnant women but some are courses and drop in classes for all.

We have designed our classes to meet the needs of everyone – no matter what your experience or ability – helping you to get the most out of every class.

A – Accessible

We have a range of accessible classes particularly suitable for those with limited movement and /or specific conditions.

B – Beginners

We offer some beginners courses and classes for those new to a particular form or practice.

O – Open Level

Most of our classes are open level. Our teachers are experienced in offering variations to suit your needs.

E – Experienced

Classes marked as Experienced may require some prior knowledge or be more physically challenging. Please ask for advice if you are not sure whether the class is suitable for you.

Yoga Classes

We offer many styles of yoga – each bringing a different emphasis, such as focusing on strict alignment of the body, coordination of breath and movement, holding the postures, or the flow from one posture to another. All of the styles share a common lineage. No style is better than another; it’s simply a matter of personal preference. More important than any style is the student-teacher relationship. We encourage you to try a few classes and decide which class works best for you.

Studio 1 – The Sycamore Room

Our beautiful high ceilinged main studio has space for 18 yoga mats. It is painted a rich berry colour and has plenty of natural light. The room benefits from underfloor heating, dimmable ceiling spots and beautiful Turkish chandeliers. There are shutters and curtains should a practice require a more privacy and subdued or candle lit lighting state.

The fully integrated sound system with ceiling mounted speakers allows music to fill the air and the triple glazed windows keep the noise of the outside world at bay so you can truly loose yourself in your practice.

Yoga mats, d-ring belts, blocks, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows all matching the colour scheme create a harmonious relaxing environment. The centrepiece of the room is a beautiful mandala by Mark Golding.

The space is suitable for larger classes, for dance and events.

Studio 2 – The Silverbirch Room

Our second studio has feature arched windows and a view of a silverbirch tree; hence the name. It accommodates 8 yoga mats and is painted a calm, subtle green colour offering a more intimate space. The room benefits from under floor heating and dimmable lights and is fully kitted out with grey mats, bolsters, blocks, belts and eye pillows.

The room also has a butler sink and we provide trestle tables and benches for art or writing activities. This room is also used for multi bed clinics and chair massage.