Unity DVDs

Sevanti has created two Unity Partner Yoga DVDs; one is a general 3 hour version including some massage and yoga nidra for everyone. The other is a 90 minute version specifically for pregnancy. Soon to be downloadable!


Unity Partner Yoga™

Running time: 3 hours
Cost: TBC
Created, Directed & Produced by Sevanti

Partner Yoga Sequence Music composed by William Softmore, also featuring music by Jacqui Attwood

Unity Partner Yoga™ has been created and developed over 12 years by Sevanti. This comprehensive Partner Yoga DVD contains over 3 hours of material, covering a wide variety of postures to be shared with a Yoga Partner, with variations to suit all levels of experience and ability.

It is appropriate for everyone including newcomers to Yoga, offering a deeply sacred and connecting practice of Yoga.

It is also fun and inspiring and usually provides plenty of smiles and laughter!

This DVD contains a wide variety of postures, and offers variations to suit all levels of experience and ability.

It is ideal for friends, partners & families.

A Partner Yoga sequence opens the practice, to illustrate how forward & back-bends, spinal twists, inversions and balances can be woven together to form a graceful and unique yogic dance.

After an extensive amount of duo-Yoga material is shared, Partner Yoga practice for 3 or more people is explained, and a massage and relaxation section including a restorative ‘Yoga Nidra’ journey completes the practice.

Practical recommendations and advice are given, to ensure optimal safety and well-being.

The DVD is filmed in the local countryside around Brighton and Lewes, Sevanti’s hometown, and the musical score was composed by two Brighton based musicians. It is skillfully filmed and edited by Gani Naylor Past students, friends and fellow teachers are included, to show a variety of practitioners in a down to earth, but professionally produced format. The voice over may be muted to enjoy the visuals only if preferred.

“Thank you for creating something so so beautiful. It’s like no other DVD I’ve ever seen. Very poetic.”Sahajo, yoga teacher

“DVD is great… You have put a lot of work into it and it is really professional.”Chris Swain, yoga & anatomy & physiology teacher and osteopath

Unity Partner Yoga™ for Pregnancy DVD

Running time: 90 minutes
Cost: RRP £16.99 plus £2 p&p
Created, Directed & Produced by Sevanti

This DVD is an ideal way for the Mother-to-be to feel supported and honoured at this very special time. The Yoga Partner may be a friend, doula, family member or partner, and both practitioners are carefully considered, with variations offered where necessary. Therefore, all levels of experience, ability and stage of pregnancy are considered.

Filmed in Sevanti’s Brighton Yoga Studio, with pregnant friend Zoe on her due date!

The beautiful piano score is composed by Bill Worrall, and the voice over may be muted to enjoy the visuals only if preferred.

Practical guidelines and advice are given to ensure a safe and effective practice.

The DVD guides through gentle forward and backward bends, spinal twists, lateral bends and balances to alleviate aches and pains and to prepare the body for labour. Partner work is also shown with the aid of a birthing ball, and much of this work is helpful during the actual labour process too.

Unity Partner Yoga offers an opportunity for deep physical release and support, as well as a powerful and sacred connection with those we practice with, as well as drawing the awareness into the growing Baby. It is also a lot of fun and brings plenty of laughter and lightness too!

Gentle massage and relaxation techniques are shared, with a ‘Yoga Nidra’ guided journey to connect in deep meditation with oneself, and with the growing baby within.

“I love love love the DVD. It’s so beautifully done.”Daisy Booth, yoga teacher

“The DVD is great and the filming is really lovely x”Julia, nutritionist

“Thank you for the DVD, it looks absolutely amazing!”Sally, yoga teacher