The Unity Floatation Therapy project

A National Lottery funded project to provide free floatation therapy programmes to eligible members of the community. Started summer 2021.

Project summary

Thanks to National Lottery funding, we are able to provide free floatation therapy programmes to eligible people in our region and communities. With more detail to come later, here’s a summary of what the programme offers.

Who’s it for?

The free floatation therapy programmes are offered to people living with or experiencing physical disabilities, certain chronic difficulties or chronic mental health challenges. They’re also offered to key health, emergency and care workers.

What is a floatation therapy programme?

A single floatation therapy session in our floatation pool can offer wonderful benefits in pain management, and in managing stress, anxieties, insomnia and much more. Significantly greater benefit, and significantly longer lasting results, come from a series of sessions over time.

The Unity Floatation Therapy project offers a course, or programme, of six floatation therapy sessions, monthly over six months.

Is it completely free?

Because of National Lottery funding we’re able to offer these floatation therapies to eligible clients completely free of charge. (At our normal, full prices, a course of six floats would have cost £270!) However, we ask each client to make a donation of just £5 into the project fund. That is one payment of £5 for the entire programme: less than £1 per session (subject to affordability).

Over the three years of the National Lottery funding these £5 donations by many clients will accumulate and enable the project to continue beyond the end of the Lottery funding, benefitting even more people.

How do I apply for the Unity Floatation Therapy project?

Please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within 10 days to discuss details and eligibility, and to confirm your application if successful, after which we’ll enrol you in our system and get your programme set up.

And if I have any questions?

Please email projects@being-in-unity.com

Meet the team

These are the lovely people who created and maintain the Unity Floatation Therapy project.

Sarah Buldum

Project administrator, spa manager and acupuncturist.


Unity founder and director, project manager, teacher and therapist.


Sarah will be looking after you through your application and during your six months benefiting from the project.

Applications temporarily closed

Sorry – we’ve been inundated with applications, so we need to pause our applications process for a little while. But we have several years of funding for this project, so we will be open again soon for new applicants. Please check this page from time to time.