Hire our studios

We have two beautiful studios available to hire.


Studio hire

Our two beautiful studios are available to hire individually outside of regular timetabled hours, with part-day and all-day hires available many Saturdays and some Sundays. Sycamore is our larger studio and Silver Birch is the smaller. Both are suitable for a variety of uses such as workshops, events, meetings, rehearsals, performances and exhibitions.

The capacity of each studio depends on its use. A yoga workshop with mats occupies a very different space to a seated meeting or a dance rehearsal, for example. However, The Unity Centre has an overall capacity of 60 people.

Multiroom hire

You may also, on occasions, be able to hire both studios together, add our reception area or even hire the whole building, when available. The more advance notice you can give us, the more possible this may be.

Treatment room hire

You may also hire one of our three calm and beautiful treatment rooms, inclusive of couches, with accommodation for one or two massage couches together. For larger needs, we can accommodate three or four couches together in our larger studio, Sycamore. For more information please visit our therapist work page.


Silver Birch

Studio availability

Our two lovely studios are in principle available to hire seven days a week between 9am and 10pm when not in use for the Centre’s own activities. In practice this means:

  • Weekdays may have some availability 9am–9pm, with a possible extension to 10pm, but this is limited by our timetabled classes and other events. The best weekday availability is usually on Fridays after about 11am. The minimum weekday booking is 2 hours.
  • Saturday daytimes are available with the choice of
    • all-day bookings at a single rate for the day
    • shorter slots:
      • Sycamore: two 3½-hour slots (10.30am–2pm or 2.30pm–6pm)
      • Silver Birch: three 3-hour slots (9am–noon, noon–3pm, 3pm–6pm)
  • Friday and Saturday evenings are available as single, all-evening bookings for flat fees:
    • Sycamore: 3½-hours, 6pm–9.30pm, with a possible extension to 10.30pm
    • Silver Birch: 3-hours, 6pm–9pm, with a possible extension to 10pm
  • Sunday daytimes are occasionally available but only as all-day bookings and/or as part of a larger booking or series of bookings

Our current price list

The grid below shows our current pricing for studio hire.  Please note the supplementary charge and deposit details below the grid.

Day & time Sycamore Silver Birch
9.00am–9.00pm £25/hr (min 2 hours) £20/hr (min 2 hours)
9.00pm–10.00pm extension £25 £20
Daytime 9am–6pm (min 2 hours) £25/hr £20/hr
Evening £100 (6–9.30pm) £60 (6–9pm)
Late evening extensions £28 (9.30–10.30pm) £20 (9–10pm)
All day £190 (10.30am–6pm) £160 (9am–6pm)
Mornings/lunchtimes £100 (10.30am–2pm) £60 (9am–noon)
£60 (noon–3pm)
Afternoons £100
Evenings £100
Late evening extensions £28 (9.30–10.30pm) £20 (9–10pm)
Please speak to us about availability and pricing

Please note that for all hires our doors close no later than 10pm on weekdays and 9.30pm on Saturdays. If you wish to serve alcohol at your event, please speak to us before making a booking.

Supplementary charge

This applies only to out-of-hours hire (ie when our normal reception is closed). If this is your first time hiring one of our studios out of hours, we will add a supplementary charge of £15 per hour. This is to cover on-site staffing to help you get used to the building and routines. There is no supplementary charge when reception staff would normally be on the premises.

Out-of-hours times are after 6pm Mondays–Saturdays (after 8pm on Thursdays) and any time on Sundays.


This also applies only to out-of-hours hire. If this is your second time hiring one of our studios out of hours, and we are not adding an out-of-hours supplementary charge, we will instead charge a £50 deposit. This would be refundable unless we need to make deductions to cover our costs in rectifying or covering

  • any damage
  • any cleaning/clearing/tidying of rooms not left as they were found
  • the use of any parts of the Centre not included in the hire agreement

Refunds where appropriate will be made approximately two weeks after the date of hire.

How to hire

We hope soon to bring our studio hire process online. Meanwhile, please use the link below. Bear in mind that, to accept your booking, we’ll ask you for:

  • Your preferred hire dates and times – we’ll try hard to meet your first choice but please provide alternatives in case it isn’t available
  • The name, nature and details of your class/workshop/event
  • Proof of your appropriate insurance cover, including a minimum £10m public liability insurance
  • Any catering/hospitality requirements
  • Details of how people can book places and/or buy tickets

Once we’ve agreed the date(s) with you, we’ll send you an agreement, containing our terms and conditions, for your signature. We’ll then be ready to take payment for fees as above plus any supplementary charge and/or deposit where required (see above).

If you would like to visit the Unity Centre and studio(s) before or after you agree your booking, please make an appointment with our lovely reception team by phoning 01273 778400, emailing reception@being-in-unity.com or popping in. Please note that we may not be able to let you visit the studios on spec, if you pop in, as they may be in use.

If you have any other enquiries about studio hire, including availability, please email studio@being-in-unity.com.


If your event or function requires catering, please note that we have only a small food preparation area and no commercial cooking facilities on site, so catering would generally have to be prepared off-site and brought in.


We will help you publicise your event on our website, in our reception and on social media but the primary responsibility for publicity is yours. To help us do our bit, we’ll ask you for

  • The name, nature and details of your event, as mentioned above, together with a short one-paragraph summary
  • High quality publicity photos/images (preferably three)
  • A handful of A5 or A6 flyers (not posters) to be displayed in our reception area (and replenishments if they go quickly)

The earlier and better you can give us these things, the more effective we can be. You will also be welcome to discuss with our social media team any videos or other materials that you can provide for social media use.

If you have any questions about publicity, please email comms@being-in-unity.com.

To find out more or to start the hire process, please get in touch