Day retreats

Day Retreats at The Unity Centre Lewes. The next day retreat will be held by Sevanti at Barcombe Village Hall on Saturday 4th May in 2024. Please contact Lu via to register your interest.


Spring Renewal

A restorative and inspiring day retreat, celebrating our inner spring awakening. Expanding outwards from winter, we release our inner tensions, celebrate and radiate our vital energy, and focus on our unique journey pathway.

All are welcome. Our day will start with flowing, meditative yoga for all ages, abilities, and needs. After a break, where fruit, teas, and nibbles are provided, we shall enjoy a supported yoga practice, whereby we can go deeper into our yoga through gentle but effective Unity Partner Yoga practice. This session is accompanied by soothing Acupressure Massage instruction, which will include various techniques for deep relaxation and Reiki energy work for deep healing.

We will partner up on the day (or feel free to partner with a friend if you join the workshop together) After a relaxing lunch (please bring your own), we shall enjoy dropping deeper inwards to meditation and awareness, through conscious dance. Open Floor offers us a nourishing resource to connect with all dimensions of being (physical, emotional, mind, and soul), and to explore our energy & expression through natural movement. A sacred, healing journey, with no previous experience necessary.

The day will end with a deep Yoga Nidra relaxation, accompanied by crystal singing bowls. A closing meditation will ensure that we complete our day feeling grounded and more still and centered.

The serene ambiance of the Barcome Village Hall, coupled with the enriching activities, is guaranteed to help you relax and unwind. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and embrace the Spring energies with open arms. Register now to secure your spot for this event.

Register your interest by emailing

Day and half-day retreats are also held at our beautifully restored Turkish bath house: The Unity Centre, in Lewes, more info to come for future dates.

“Exactly what I needed in my life right now. Some time and space to slow down, relax and look after myself again. “David

The day’s schedule

9.15am – Arrival
9.30-11.00 – Unity Yoga
11-11.30 – Break (teas and fruit/ snacks)
11.30-1.30 – Open Floor Meditative, Conscious Dance
1.30-2.30 – Lunch. Please bring your own vegetarian lunch, note we will not be having a shared lunch on this day.
2.30-3.30 – Supportive yoga practice and Massage (Partner Yoga and Acupressure Massage and Relaxation/ Healing techniques)
3.45-4.45 – Open Floor Movement and Meditation Cycle
4.45-5 .30- Yoga Nidra with Crystal bowl sound bath, deep relaxation, and Closing Meditation
5.45 – Departure

All ages and capabilities are welcome.


  • General entry £65 or book 1-month in advance for early-bird price £55

For further information and to reserve a place, please email:

“I am so glad I gave myself the time to do this. I cannot think of a day better spent. I feel alive again.”Beth

What to expect from the day

The retreat is led, as in previous years, by Sevanti, the founder of Unity. You can read more about Sevanti here.

Unity Yoga is about ‘being with oneself’. It is a deep and meditative flow and inquiry into organic, natural movement.

Through sensitive authenticity, we can explore a diverse spectrum of asanas with various dynamics. Meditation, breathing, letting go, and humility; are the entry points to a long-term nourishing and inspiring practice. The central focus is on the relationship with the breath and the awareness of our fundamental state of being.

The body-mind is respected as a whole system, honouring the felt sense of emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. With courage, surrender, and lightness we tune in to our energetic intelligence; releasing tensions held in the body and mind.

Open Floor Dance

Mindful movement is a deeply restorative, invigorating, and empowering practice. There are no set steps to learn or expectations: the movement journey is inspired by tuning into our inner resources such as grounding, centering, activating and settling, and spacious awareness, to name just a few. Read more about Open Floor conscious dance here.

Unity Partner Yoga™/Supported Yoga

Unity Partner Yoga™ (also known as Supported Yoga) is a deep, restorative, playful, and sacred practice of yoga, and is a fun way of practicing yoga with a friend or partner. It complements our usual self-practice, enhancing and deepening it on a physical and spiritual level. It is also a great way of working with a group of people and feeling the underlying message of yoga – true connection and union. Unity Partner Yoga can awaken an inner oasis of deep peace and meditation, where we relate with another and with ourselves, through truth, trust, and tenderness, and there is also plenty of opportunity to result in entangled giggles too!

Read more about Unity Partner Yoga™ here

Dates in 2024

  • Saturday 4th May 2024 at Barcombe Village Hall

Whilst all will be provided, please feel free to bring your own mat and any other yoga props you like to use if you prefer. 

To register your interest in joining a day retreat, please email

“A joyous day of self-healing and nourishment with wonderful people and of course, Sevanti. Thank you so much”Nellie

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