Our grant-aided projects

Our goal is to help everyone have access to wellbeing activities, sometimes targeted and specialist, regardless of age, disability, status, family or financial situation.

Unity Floatation Therapy project

Unity Floatation Therapy project

Thanks to National Lottery funding we are able to provide free floatation therapy programmes to eligible members of our region and communities who are living with or experiencing physical disabilities, certain chronic difficulties or chronic mental health challenges, together with key health, emergency and care workers.

Full details are here.

We are also inviting donations to enable us to keep the project going over a longer period.

for survivors

We’re pleased to be able to provide these free, eight-week courses of regular yoga relaxation, meditation, self-care and two saunas for women who have experienced physical and domestic abuse, thanks to funding by The National Lottery Awards for All and Safer Communities Eastbourne & Lewes District Partnership.
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Sixty5+ is a Unity Centre initiative to provide free therapeutic support sessions to people aged 65 and above, thanks to funding kindly provided by the Sussex Community Foundation. The support we offer comes in two forms:

  • regular live music sessions for small groups of people living with dementia
  • one-to-one therapy sessions

In some circumstances we’re also able to help with transport costs when attending sessions.

Full details are here.

Sussex Community Foundation


Free yoga and a safe, sociable space for people over 60 to talk about age-related mistreatment, from abuse to rip-offs and scams

A new project (starting 15 June 2023) offering a series of free two-hour sessions of chair yoga followed by social time over tea and cake. Breathe easier is for you if you’re over 60 and live in Sussex, especially if you’ve experienced – or you’re worried about – being mistreated or taken advantage of, because of your age.

Full details are here.

With thanks to the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner’s Community Safety Fund for its financial support.

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Some past projects

Unity Bespoke Holistic Lifeline Covid project

This project ran from October 2020 to spring 2021, providing therapeutic support to those with learning differences or physical disabilities and those at high risk from, or affected by, Covid-19 and Long Covid, together with physical, emotional and mental support for key workers, including NHS.

The support covered a wide range of services associated with the Unity Centre, as diverse as, for example, therapeutic yoga, breathing, art therapy, music, psychotherapy, floatation therapy and massage … among many others.

The Unity Bespoke Holistic Lifeline Covid Project was funded by a National Lottery Emergency Covid-19 Grant between October 2020 and April 2021 and a smaller version was then funded by Awards for All, with our thanks to the National Lottery.

Project for children adopted or in foster care

From 27 February 2020

This was a year long project for children under 12 who had been adopted or were in foster care.

Three groups of four children (so 12 in all) received an hour’s yoga and meditation class bi-weekly for a year and also came together for two hour sessions of yoga, art or music on alternate months.

During this time, parents and carers also received their own meditation, sharing and yoga session.

Stroke Club Project

From 19 March 2020

A year long project for those who had suffered a debilitating stroke.

14 people received two-hour sessions on alternating Thursday mornings, offering chair yoga, music, art and relaxation, together with refreshments and lunch on site.

We are very grateful for SCF and Chalk Cliff Trust for their contributions towards this project.

And in the future…

Future Project Goals

  • Support Group For Teenagers
  • Project For Children With Learning/Behavioural Difficulties
  • Yoga and Mindfulness For The Deaf Community
  • Yoga With A Difference – a project and training to support those with PMLD and neurological conditions

Our funding bodies

The Unity Centre is indebted to the following for their grant funding that enables us to run these community projects that are so important to us. We would like to thank:

Chalk Cliff Trust

Safer Communities Eastbourne & Lewes District Partnership


Sport England Emergency Covid-19 Fund

Sussex Community Foundation

The Lewes Fund

The National Lottery

And our Unity Centre members and supporters – for your donations and because a percentage of membership subscriptions is used to support the centre’s community work.

Our deepest thanks to

The Unity Centre is run by Unity Lewes CIC, a not-for-profit community interest company.