CLASS TAUGHT & A BRIEF EXPLANATION OF WHAT YOU TEACH: Vinyasa Flow. I aim to hold space for anyone that wants to find a bit of time out in their week or ‘time in’; always with the focus of finding space in the body through a number of fluid, energising and connected sequences that can be made accessible to any level of practitioner.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING AND HOW DID YOU GET STARTED?: I have been teaching yoga for three years, practising yoga consistently for around 7 years, though first introduced almost 12 years ago and also teaching in education for just under 10 years.
WHAT DO YOU PARTICULARLY LOVE ABOUT THE FORM OF YOGA THAT YOU TEACH AND HOW HAS YOUR DISCIPINE BENEFITED YOU PERSONALLY?: The benefits have been endless for me personally which is where the passion came from to teach and introduce as many as possible to the practice. I really do believe truly in the translation of yoga meaning UNION, which I think can get lost. Union of mind, body and breath but union of people. I enjoy teaching community based yoga, opening up the doors to anyone and everyone, teaching in both conventional and non conventional settings.
For me Vinyasa Flow emphasises connection of breath and movement and with a background in teaching Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Choreography the freedom in those transitions is appealing. I find it is a form of yoga that allows choice and room for personal adaptation which is so important for accessibility. I continuously think about how yoga can be made truly available to more people.
WHAT/WHO INSPIRES YOU?: The people who come to my classes. Teaching a 16 old male school student one day who is pretty sceptical about yoga to the next day teaching someone in Brighton who started practising before I was born, to then perhaps guiding someone with a physical restriction or injury! It’s fantastic. We can all learn and in fact should never stop learning from one another. I love playing the role of facilitator instead of teacher, then it is an equal playing ground for all to explore, develop and progress.
WHAT CAN SOMEONE EXPECT FROM YOUR CLASS AND WHAT MIGHT THEY TAKE AWAY WITH THEM ?: Hopefully 60 minutes of fluid movement to wake up the whole body, focusing on their personal foundation and then working upwards from there. I like people to tune in to how they are there and then in the class that day, and work with a sense of play and freedom, always respecting the body.
WHAT DO YOU LIKE DOING WHEN YOU’RE NOT DOING YOGA? I have recently returned to Brighton (my home town, a true Brightonian!) after living in London for the last 12 years so I’m spending every moment I can walking on the beach! I love a good dance too… preferably to some really good late 80s Hip Hop.
WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE INSPIRING QUOTE?: Not a ‘traditional yoga quote’ but a favourite. I love her power and her style of movement.
“ There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you, this expression is unique’ Martha Graham.
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Class Timings: Vinyasa Flow on Thursdays from 1 – 2pm
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