Invest in Our Planet

The Unity Centre is taking part in Earth Week 2023 with an afternoon of activities
SUNDAY 23 APRIL 2023 at The Unity Centre

Earth mandala 2023

IN SYCAMORE (our larger studio)


2-3pm – How to manage Eco Anxiety

News about the environment, is typically weighted towards the negative stories. Receiving an overload of information, can be overwhelming, and cause anxiety, depression and a propensity to catastrophise.

On this workshop we will explore:

  • Finding the balance between negative and positive stories
  • Feeling empowered about the small changes that make a big difference
  • Interrupting the habits of catastrophising
  • Visualising a positive future

There’s no need to book in advance. Just come along to the Unity Centre’s Sycamore room on the day: places on a ‘first come’ basis.

Routes for Change is a ‘not for profit’ company which was established by Victoria Cooper and Anthea Barbary in 2019. They teach therapeutic tools to help people take control of their own mind.

TALK and Q&A

3-4.30pm – ‘Coat of Hopes’ talk and Q&A, with Barbara Keal

Join Barbara for a truly fascinating talk about the 500-mile journey of a community-created patchwork coat bearing hand stitched messages of hope and positive wishes for the future of our planet on its way from Newhaven to Glasgow to COP26.

“Different walkers wore the coat during its 500-mile journey to COP26 and the coat grew ever more colourful as more and more hand-stitched patches were added to it from contributors along the way. The group gathered on the beach at Newhaven ranged in age from 5 to 50, and included a town crier, a film-maker and some families joining the walk just for the first seven-mile stage to Lewes.”

Barbara will bring the coat for viewing; people can try it on or simply admire the hours of work by the many stitchers who participated – and continue to do so. It’s quite amazing up close, and the story behind its pilgrim journey to COP26 from Newhaven to Glasgow is truly inspiring.

Barbara tells it with both passion and humour.

Please read about it here

There’s no need to book in advance. Just come along to the Unity Centre’s Sycamore room on the day: places on a ‘first come’ basis.


5-6pm – Sharing Circle with Kyle Dumka

The session

Join us for an introductory session where all of your thoughts and emotions around the climate crisis are welcome. We will create a safe space where you can share what needs to be shared without judgement.

We won’t be looking at the science or often divisive debates about the extent, blame or reality of climate change, but how you as an individual, your family or your social groups are responding internally.

In a sharing circle context we will make time to speak and listen, take in other points of view and perhaps begin the process of feeling less alone with our ‘difficult’ feelings around the climate crisis.

Open to anyone on the journey of coming to realise that as part of the meta-crisis unfolding around us, climate change will affect every aspect of our lives.

There’s no need to book in advance. Just come along to the Unity Centre’s Sycamore room on the day: places on a ‘first come’ basis.

Kyle Dumka

Kyle is a transformational coach and group facilitator who creates spaces to begin to include the whole of ourselves, especially those parts we may wish weren’t there. Working with Integral Theory and many other diverse perspectives Kyle has worked with individuals and groups around the Climate Crisis, particularly looking beyond the ‘hope’ that everything will be ok and what lies beyond that acceptance.

IN SILVER BIRCH (our smaller studio)

2-4pm – Sacred Ceremony, with Ann O’Keife

A special ceremony for everyone (adults and children) to honour and give thanks to our mother Earth. When we gather in sacred ceremony we are all equal, we unify with the seen and unseen, the conscious and unconscious. You’ll experience honouring the seven directions, a guided drum journey and opportunity to share and be inspired.

Please feel free to bring anything from nature to place around our alter.

About Ann O’Keife

My background and approach combines Celtic, Native American and Norse traditions.

There’s no need to book in advance. Just come along to the Unity Centre’s Silver Birch room on the day: places on a ‘first come’ basis. Suggested donation of £10.

Opportunity for One to One Rune Reading after ceremony, at a special price of just £20.



11am-1pm – Open Floor: conscious, mindful dance

Sevanti’s Open Floor workshop this month is also focused on the earth, on our relationship to the earth.

Open Floor offers mindful movement as a deeply restorative, invigorating and empowering practice. There are no set steps to learn or expectations: the movement journey is inspired by tuning into our inner resources such as grounding, centering, activating and settling, and spacious awareness – to name just a few.

Full details of Sevanti’s class are on our workshops page. Please note that places should be booked in advance for this class. To support The Unity Centre we invite a £10+ donation: this month £5 of each £10+ will be donated to the National Trust to plant trees.

Here at the Unity Centre we are committed to preserving and investing in our mother earth by becoming ever more sustainable as a not-for-profit business and community centre.

Since we opened in September 2019 we have been heating our rooms and the water of our floatation pool with a state-of-the-art air-source heat pump, reducing typical energy use by about 30-40% per year, and we have created our Sustainability Charter governing the way we impact the planet in everything we do, from our carbon footprint to our approach to plastics, food, water, procurement and the community.

Earth week is our opportunity to renew our commitments and acknowledge our responsibilities.