We are all made up of a collection of programs, which we acquire through various channels in the course of our lives: some are innate, some are learned. We are often unaware of these as they influence how we live and how we are. They affect us on the material, emotional, mental and psychic levels, as well as in our Ego Roles, which are the medium to express our personality.

When they are imbalanced or dysfunctional we can experience many symptoms, for example anxiety, depression and confusion. We can become stuck in issues affecting areas in our lives such as our relationships, our performance, our work and quality of living. This can cause us deep unhappiness with others and with ourselves and, in the extreme, make life feel futile.

As we are so complex, it is very useful to have a map to understand and manage ourselves better. This enables us to become aware of these programs and how they work and gives a deeper insight into our whole self, into who we really are.

By uncovering the root causes of life issues, we can deal with problems effectively and identify worthwhile development areas to achieve positive change.

It is a process of enhancing, healing and harmonising your material, emotional, mental and psychic selves as well as healing, balancing and integrating your Ego Roles.

Beyond this, your precious inner you, your source of Light is revealed.

This is the uplifting and liberating journey on which you can go. It is naturally life affirming and joyful and reveals spirituality as everybody’s inborn nature.

Transcendental Progression is a powerful spiritual psychology which aims to support you to achieve complete wellbeing through its specially developed holistic program for self exploration, therapy, personal growth and awareness.

It brings you a new perspective and strength to deal with life resulting in holistic wellbeing, transformed living quality and opening a spiritual path.

In our sessions we use deep listening skills, the unique transposition dialogue technique, some holistic meditation and we make your personal charts along with using self- development strategies, psychotherapy and re-programming methods.

This helps enhance your life quality by giving you experiences and tools for healing and self-empowerment.

Transcendental Progression is offered in one-to-one sessions, workshops, practitioner training courses, holistic travel and self help book.

It can be applied by a range of holistic practitioners as well as in settings such as healthcare, holistic retreats, in education, youth schemes and in rehabilitation programs such as for post-combat servicemen or ex-offenders.

Anushka will be running a ‘Heal and Integrate your ego roles’ workshop on 10th March from 2.30pm – 5.30pm. To book: thegreencentre@hotmail.co.uk

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