The Unity Holistic Lifeline project

A programme to provide FREE therapeutic support to those with learning differences or physical disabilities and those at high risk from, or affected by, Covid-19, together with key workers, including NHS workers.

Introducing our Holistic Lifeline project

The Unity Holistic Lifeline is a project we’re running for a limited time in our community, with National Lottery funding that enables us to provide, free of charge:

  • therapeutic support to those with learning differences, physical disabilities or mental health challenges
  • therapeutic support to those at high risk from, or affected by, Covid-19
  • physical, emotional and mental support for key workers, including NHS workers

We’re offering a great variety of services, from classes to talking therapies, art and music therapies, psychotherapy and more, all currently online, via Zoom. We also offer a very limited number of support groups that meet weekly in the Unity Centre. When lockdown restrictions allow and we feel it’s safe, we’ll also be offering massage therapies and floatation sessions at the Centre, with many taking place when the Centre is otherwise closed to the public, in order to minimise contacts and protect the vulnerable.

Yoga therapy, psychotherapy, meditation and coaching can greatly help any of us feel connected, heard and understood even when we cannot be together in a room.

There are also opportunities for one-to-one services delivered not only at the Centre and online but in visits to people’s private gardens and open spaces, and to residential homes.

To find out more, contact our project team: unitygrantproject@gmail.com .

What’s on offer?

The support covers a wide range of therapeutic services associated with the Unity Centre, online and, subject to lockdown restrictions and general Covid safety, at the Unity Centre. For a full list of possible services, see the Holistic Lifeline FAQ.

Here’s a summary of the weekly timetable. Class details are in the detailed timetable to the right or below.



4.00–5.30pm Cared for Children’s Project (SCF FUNDED) (Live on Zoom with Amber Ward)


9.30–11.00 (not 3 March) Wellbeing Wednesdays: a gentle movement, meditation and self-care support group (in person at the Unity Centre with Sevanti – places strictly limited! – last class 31 March)


9.30–11.00 (4 March only) Wellbeing Wednesdays: a gentle movement, meditation and self-care support group (in person at the Unity Centre with Sevanti – places strictly limited!)

2.30–3.30 & 4.005.00pm Art therapy for adults (live on Zoom with Eleanor Johnson-Bullock – last workshop 18 March)


9.30–11.00 Unity Yoga (live on Zoom with Sevanti)

11.30–12.30pm Breath-work, movement and meditation to support us through these uncertain times (live on Zoom with Amber Ward – catch-up recordings available – last session 26 March)

1.00–1.45 Tai Chi / Qi Gong (live on Zoom with Alasdair Warmsley – last class 12 March)

By appointment

Music to Connect & Uplift! (with Keith Ellis) – one-to-one and small group by appointment

Use the button below to apply for a free place at any session or course.

Pre-recorded courses

Pre-teens Yoga Class, Partner Yoga and Yoga Nidra Course

A pre-recorded 5 week course led by Sevanti and including:

  • 5 x 40 minute classes
  • 2 x Yoga Nidra (20 minute relaxation journeys)
  • 1 hour Unity Partner Yoga session

The course is most suitable for 9–13 year-olds.

Chakra Yoga

A pre-recorded 7 week course of 120 minute (2 hour) classes led by Sevanti.

A nourishing yoga/ visualisation/ yoga nidra journey through the chakras, with each session like a workshop in itself.

As well as the timetabled services, we offer calls and visits for one-to-one and one-to-two sessions . Please ask for details.

Our professional facilitators are available for phone, WhatsApp or Zoom communication and they’re happy to help walk you through the technicalities involved.

Contact our project team: unitygrantproject@gmail.com .

Massage and floatation therapies

We hope that in later February we will be able to resume some remedial/therapeutic massage and floatation therapies, offered free to holistic lifeline clients.


Thursday/Friday/Saturday, by appointment only 

Therapeutic massage to relieve stress and anxiety as well as treating any musculoskeletal issues and/or physical discomfort.

Floatation Therapy

By appointment only 

Floatation therapy is a deeply relaxing therapy. Floating in body temperature water, you feel completely weightless and supported by the high levels of magnesium (Epsom salts) in the water.

Floatation is proven to lower levels of stress hormones and stress-related chemicals and can aid in the recovery of PTSD, lower blood pressure and heart rate, relieve aches and pains, and help relieve insomnia: one hour of floating is said to have the restorative effects of five hours of sleep.

If you think these services may help you or someone you know, please contact our project team: unitygrantproject@gmail.com .

Classes and support groups

During lockdown, classes are offered live on Zoom. Support groups are offered in the Centre (as permitted by law) with strict controls on timing, numbers and distancing (please see our Unity safety code).

The list below offers greater detail about our holistic lifeline sessions, courses or support groups. If you can’t see the date you want in the list, select your required date in the calendar at the top of the list.

Who is it on offer to?

Our Holistic Lifeline project provides assistance to people of all ages with

  • learning differences
  • physical disabilities
  • mental health challenges, including stroke, memory loss and dementia, as well as general stress, anxiety and depression
  • long-term illnesses
  • high risk from or vulnerable to Covid-19, including those who are Covid-shielding, those with Covid-related anxieties and those suffering ‘long Covid’

These can include over 65s in need, deprived families with children, marginalised adults home alone with learning differences (PMLD) and mobility challenges, teens struggling with mental health or behaviour difficulties, and those suffering with chronic anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue.

We’re particularly keen to help the most marginalised/vulnerable community members who are suffering specifically due to the challenges imposed by Covid-19.

And we’re offering physical, emotional and mental support for key workers, including NHS and carers.

Funding is also helping us to provide continuing support to our stroke club, neuro-yoga classes and cared for children.

Please note that acceptance onto any free service will be based on our eligibility criteria and on availability.

If you have any questions about eligibility, contact our project team: unitygrantproject@gmail.com

Our teachers and practitioners

Select any teacher’s or practitioner’s photo or name to see more about them and what they will be doing.

  Steffi Bednarek

Keith Ellis, music therapist  Keith Ellis

  Eleanor Johnson-Bullock


Yoga classes


Floatation therapies


Support groups

Distanced consultation

Massage therapies

Safe massage with Sevanti

Our funding bodies

The Unity Centre is indebted to the National Lottery for funding the Unity Bespoke Holistic Lifeline Covid Project through an Emergency Covid-19 Grant.

We are also very grateful to the following for their grant funding that enables us to run our other community projects that are so important to us:

Sport England Emergency Covid-19 Fund

Sussex Community Foundation

Chalk Cliff Trust

And our Unity Centre members, as a percentage of membership subscriptions is used to support the centre’s community work.

The Unity Centre is a not-for-profit CIC.

Holistic Lifeline project FAQ