Sadly we have to close our doors during lockdown II, from 5 November until we reopen on 3 December 2020. But through lockdown we have a full 16(!) live Zoom classes a week for just £8 per class (and free to members), offering yoga, pilates and tai chi. Here’s a rundown of what we’re offering on a screen near you (scroll down for full class and teacher details, below the weekly timetable).

NB. When you sign up, please look out for the confirming email as this will be the only email containing the Zoom link for your class.

Weekly timetable

11.15-12.15pm – Gentle Yoga – with Jane (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
1.00-2.00pm – Tai Chi – with Alasdair (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
6.00-7.00pm – Hatha Yoga – with Helen (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
7.30-9.00pm – Unity Yoga – with Dot (CLICK TO SIGN UP)

9.15-10.45am – Scaravelli Yoga – with Dot (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
11.15-12.15pm – Pilates with Flow – with Anna (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
6.00-7.00pm – Hatha Yoga & Breathwork – with Tim (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
7.30-8.45pm – Yin Yoga – with Sasha (CLICK TO SIGN UP)

11.45-12.45pm – 5 Rhythms Dance – with Virginia Farman (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
1.00-2.00pm – Pilates with Mindful Movement – with Fiona (CLICK TO SIGN UP)

11.00am-noon – Hatha Flow – with Lottie (CLICK TO SIGN UP)

9.00-10.30am – Unity Yoga – with Jane / Karen (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
6.30-7.45pm – Yoga for beginners – with Laura (CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO SIGN UP)
Just £20 for the full four-part course (not included in membership)

9.00-10am – Hatha Yoga (Vajrasati) – with Karen (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
10.30-11.30am – Flow & Restore – with Sasha (CLICK TO SIGN UP)

10.00-11.30am – Heart to Heart Yoga – with Helena (CLICK TO SIGN UP)
5.00-6.00pm – Self-care Sunday Series – with Janee (CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO SIGN UP)
Just £20 for the full four-part series (not included in membership)

Full class details

We show seven days at a time. To look beyond the next seven days, please select a date from the calendar.

And there are full details about Yoga for beginners here and full details about Self-care Sunday here.

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