Week Long Retreats

Sevanti has been running the Family Friendly Yoga Retreat in Turkey each year since 1998, pre-pandemic. The next week long retreat will start on April 3rd with the last day being April 10th 2023.



Date: Next Retreat 3-10 April 2023

Where: The intention is to continue our tradition of retreats in beautiful parts of Turkey

Yoga style: Unity Yoga is a deep, meditative style of yoga, which is flowing, restorative and organic. The sessions are two hours allowing for the session to build up to stronger asanas, focusing on breath and internal focus and ending in a deep and sacred relaxation. There are also sessions in Unity Partner Yoga, Acupressure Massage, Yoga Nidra and often some natural dance and Sufi movement-meditation too.

Suitable for: Everyone is welcome; all ages, levels and backgrounds. Families are welcome, as are individual travellers and friends.

Enquiries: bookings are open! Please contact the Unity School Manager at school@being-in-unity.com.

“Thanks so much to you Sevanti you have literally changed my life around and got me back on track with yoga. Gibril asked if I had booked for next year the other day and so as soon as we hear the details I will certainly try to book again.”Sheenan

About Unity Yoga Retreats in Turkey

Families are welcome on this full-board retreat, with a kid’s club available during classes, workshops and treatments so that the children can have their own fun! (Yoga or Art sessions, depending on age group).

There are beautiful, quiet areas available for those traveling without children and there are also parent and child workshops to enjoy too.

Sevanti has taught here in Turkey since 1998 and has a close relationship with the Turkish family/team, so each retreat is bespoke to the groups needs.

The yoga spaces are wonderful; with a large cool open sided studio up in the trees with ocean views, or the platform, which rests over the sea – perfect for the evening sessions under the sunset.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, all delicious traditional Turkish cuisine, which we eat in the shady outdoor area overlooking the sea.

On Friday, there is an optional boat trip, which sails the Aegean coast, stopping for swimming, snorkeling and perhaps some rope-swing fun for some! We look out for dolphins, sometimes dance on deck as we head home as the sun sets and often end our day with a delicious meal in the pretty harbor town of Fethiye.

Excellent treatments contribute to the overall deep relaxation and guests are encouraged to enjoy as much time alone/together as they wish. The emphasis is on each individual feeling supported to receive whatever it is that they need that week – fun and refreshment, deep rest and rejuvenation or inspiration and clarity.

The overall ambience is very special; this particular location at the foot of these mountains is very sacred. Sevanti has been returning for 18 years for a reason… it is a very unique and special haven to relax and replenish.

“The Turkey retreat was excellent. I knew it would be, because it is a Unity retreat run by Sevanti. Just what I needed- the perfect combination of yoga and holiday, with plenty of time to rest and explore the local area, or just stay put in the beautiful surroundings, alone or with others. Sevanti’s teaching style is deep, light, and heart-centred, as is her whole way of being… and this supports and facilitates the whole journey. The local hosts are lovely, the food is amazing, and the retreat accommodates everyone and all- singles, couples, kids. The group naturally comes together, and allows space also. This really is a retreat that gives you the freedom you need, while having a structure that demonstrates and encourages the deep principles of yoga beyond just asana, in living, loving, community… in Life.”Nathan

The Yoga

The Yoga classes are for all levels of Yoga experience and will last for 2 hours.

Unity Yoga – Welcome the day with this 2-hour class before breakfast. Unity Hatha Yoga is flowing and restorative, taking you on a journey through asanas, breathing techniques and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). The class will begin with relaxation and meditation, with specific pranayama techniques to increase vitality, relax and clear the mind. We gently warm up the body and flow through a series of backward and forward bending, twisting and lateral movements, inversions, balances and standing poses.

Unity Partner Yoga™ – In the week there will be the chance to experience a Unity Partner Yoga™ workshop. This is a fun way to connect; through joint asanas, meditation and relaxation practices we can access a sacred peace and stillness from the trust and support of another.

Yoga Nidra – On one evening at 9pm we will end the day with this deep relaxation in the warmth of the Turkish air.


In addition to Yoga, you also have the chance to experience a 90 minute holistic or acupressure massage workshop. These workshops are suitable for beginners. Acupressure massage is received through clothing and can be taught on the shoulder & head area, or more of a Thai style acupressure massage, which covers most of the body. Alternatively you can learn holistic oil massage.


Accompanying Sevanti to Turkey is one of Unity’s holistic therapists. They will offer a range of treatments, such as holistic massage, crystal healing, Thai Massage, foot massage, reflexology, Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy. These treatments cost £50 per hour and guests can pay for these treatments at the retreat. Guests will be contacted before the retreat to pre-book any treatments.

“I’d always wanted to go on a Yoga Retreat holiday and my dream came true winning Sevanti’s at the Yoga Show. It lived up to every expectation & more with fabulous informative & compassionate Yoga classes with Sevanti every morning. The whole week was truly uplifting, restorative, relaxing and of course fun, plus I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new wonderfully inspirational people. The Faralya Hotel was perfect with its lovely quiet rustic setting & warm welcoming staff, along with the most delicious daily homemade vegetarian food, have enabled me to return home feeling recharged and totally nourished in mind, body & spirit!”Sarah Willett

The Food

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared for you throughout the week. The Friday is a day of rest and exploration. If you choose to take the boat trip with the group a delicious meal will be prepared on board (fresh fish available). If you decide to walk into the mountains or visit other parts of the area on this day, a packed lunch is available on request. A vegan option is also available upon request during booking, other dietary requirements and allergies are also taken into consideration.

The Faralya focuses on veggie and vegan food, but is not exclusively vegetarian. The kitchen is very hygienic, producing good local village-style food. Fish and meat are cooked in a separate area from the main kitchen.

Breakfast – baked fresh bread, local mountain honey, yoghurt, marmalade, eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, coffee, tea, or herb tea. The fruit and vegetable gardens around the hotel are cultivated organically.

“What a fantastic week! A totally pleasant family atmosphere. Sevanti is a very knowledgeable and supportive yogini, providing guidance and encouragement throughout our practice. A deep practice, the yoga built up in difficulty as the week progressed. The partner yoga was very special indeed, as was the yoga nidra and yoga under the stars. Faralya is an idyllic location away from the tourism and the hosts very hospitable, providing totally lovely food that catered to my dietary requirements (vegan). The boat trip was fantastic; the Turkish bath was a fun soapy indulgence; and Lawrence is a very capable massage therapist. I definitely recommend the paragliding, if you dare! It’s one of the best in the world and an experience of a lifetime. All in all the holiday was very good value for money. I’ve made some wonderful memories and met some special people with whom I hope our relationships endure.”Neil Milton


Below is a sample daily schedule:

7.30am – 9.30am: Yoga & kids club
9.30am: Breakfast
11.15am1.30pm: Kids club & Massage
1.30pm: Lunch
5.15pm6.45pm: Free time or afternoon workshops (e.g. massage, partner yoga, kids/family yoga)
7.30pm: Dinner
8.45pm: Free time or evening class (e.g. Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra)

“I was lucky enough to win the yoga retreat to Turkey. I would do it again in a heart beat and am already making plans to do it again next year. The entire experience was magical. Sevanti is one of the best yoga teachers I have the pleasure of meeting. She is thorough and she is also able to read the energy of the class perfectly. Every yoga session with her left me feeling energised and balanced. She is also incredibly knowledgeable and has many years of experience. The location was absolutely beautiful. The beach was moments away and was a daily adventure. The family who ran the retreat were the warmest and most sincere people who went above and beyond for their guests. It felt like it was a home away from home. The food was fresh and delicious. I felt very blessed to have this experience and feel rejuvenated and healed. I would like to thank everyone at Unity for the experience and cannot tell you how wonderful it was for me to be able to share the week with Sevanti and all the other wonderful people I met.”Tessa Syme