Soundbaths seem to be all the rage at the moment, even getting a bit of air time on ITV’s Lorraine television programme at the start of the year. But what exactly is a sound bath, or sound healing for that matter?

Sound healing may seem like a modern concept, but it is a healing modality that dates back to ancient Egypt, Tibet and China. Used to aid meditation and wellbeing, their use has now had a resurgence and is reported to hold many benefits.

Singing bowls, both Tibetan (also known as Himalayan), as well as Crystal are tuned to the frequency of nature, the frequency of our bodies, which is 432 hertz and it is this that is a large part of the healing aspect. Not only are they tuned to this frequency, but they also chime and sing specific notes that correlate to the 7 main chakras. These beautiful sounding bowls are designed to bring your bodies, minds and energy fields back into alignment.

The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls travel 1/3 mile alone and it is in the vibrations where the magic takes place. Alongside the incredibly soothing sounds, the vibrations bring you back into balance on a cellular level and any blockages that might be held in your energy field or any emotional blocks are released by the sounds leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, calm, relaxed, happy, blissful and generally serene.

They have been described as a ‘blissful cheat to meditation’, as the bowls have an inexplicable way of quietening the ‘monkey mind’, making all those thousands of thoughts flying through our minds completely still. Allowing us total calm and peace and respite from our busy mind and busy lives.

Sound baths have become increasingly popular for that reason, for the hour or so you enjoy the sound bath, lying down on a yoga mat and pillow, snuggled under a blanket, you are completely and totally encompassed and cocooned by the soothing sounds, switching off your mind, allowing your stress to evaporate and leave you feeling as though you have had a refreshing 8 hours of sleep and leaving you free from emotional or mental stress. And let’s face it, in an increasingly stressful world, where we juggle work, children, hobbies, marriages, family, friends, house work and everything else that fills our busy lives, a little time out and pampering is a welcome relief that we could all do with.

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