Gift Certificates & Vouchers

Our Gift Certificates and Vouchers are the ideal present for any occasion! They can be used at the Unity Studio School and The Unity Centre Lewes for classes, workshops, holistic treatments and training.


Gift Certificates

Purchase either online or in the The Unity Centre Lewes. To be used ONLY in The Unity Centre Lewes.

Redeemable at The Unity Centre Lewes only and can be used to pay for or count towards any Unity offering:

  • All Unity Therapists
  • Unity Yoga Classes
  • Sauna
  • Float Pool
  • Packages
  • Unity Workshops/Events

Cannot be used for products sold in the centre.

Surplus funds will be attributed back to your Mindbody account.


Purchase and use ONLY in the Unity Studio Brighton.

For use at Unity Studio Brighton only and can be used to pay for or count towards teacher trainings held at the studio or Sevanti’s therapies and workshops.

Not redeemable against products sold at the studio.

To redeem your voucher please contact Rosie on 07809 226068 or email Please bring along your voucher to your booked session.

T & Cs

The voucher can’t be redeemed for cash, it can only be used for any of the listed workshops, treatments, retreats or professional trainings.

If you don’t use the full amount at once, you can use the remaining amount towards another workshop etc with Sevanti.

The vouchers can only be used towards a treatment, diploma, class or retreat run by Sevanti, not any other teacher.

If you would like to use a voucher for a class, workshop or treatment that is not with Sevanti please contact the teacher directly.

How's the New Year's Resolution(s) going ?Come on down to Unity we Love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE ...

We have NEW STUDENT £30 for 30 days unlimited Yoga pass to create some space in your body

We have an INFRARED SAUNA to warm you up (besides all of the health benefits!)

We have an amazing FLOAT POOL to de stress your body (oh and the health benefits are MASSIVE!)

We have the best THERAPISTS offering you a warm welcome with a PLETHORA of Massages and Therapies

We have some fabulous Workshops and Events to interest you 

We've got A LOT going on, pretty sure you are not going to want to miss out ...

WE WELCOME EVERYONE ..... Look forward to seeing you soon x