Post Natal Pilates is incredibly valuable for new Mums who may be experiencing a range of new physical and mental health issues including;
loss of pelvic floor controlreduced core strengthreduced body strength and muscle toneincreased muscle aches and painspoor upper body posture caused by feeding and carryinganxietylow self-confidence
Post Natal Pilates still uses the original 34 Pilates exercises as a foundation but modifies them significantly to ensure they are safe and suitable for new mums with regards to developing core strength. This means not undertaking strong core exercises like crunches or sit ups until the deep abdominal muscles have been strengthened and any Diastasis Recti reduced to 2cm. In my classes we health screen all prospective new clients and test them for Diastasis Recti so everyone gets the specific help they need.
Post Natal Pilates also includes dedicated Pelvic Floor exercises as many women struggle to remember to do these on their own or aren’t really sure what they are or if they are doing them correctly. It is tricky as we can’t see these muscles but, we take our mums through these slowly in a safe environment with others who may also have the same concerns to help them do them as best as possible.
Aches and pains, particularly of the back are extremely common for new mums. This in part comes from pregnancy and the additional weight being carried around the stomach which can cause lower back pain. Enlargement of the breasts can also cause upper back pain and rounded shoulders which leads to back pain. Post birth, many women continue to struggle with back pain due to sitting or lying awkwardly when feeding and carrying their baby. Pilates helps to reduce these aches and pains by; taking participants through gentle stretches to relieve tight muscles and exercises to strengthen the body (thus reducing the pressure on other parts of the body).
Many women are also affected by anxiety and reduced self-confidence and our classes help women have a focus for getting out of the house as well as an opportunity to meet other new mums and have fun whilst taking care of their health and wellbeing.
Clare teaches a weekly Postnatal Pilates at Unity on mondays from 12.15pm – 1.15pm.
If you (or someone you know) would like to try Post Natal Pilates, we are offering a FREE Taster Class to the first 10 people who respond to this article. To book your space click here – – fill in your details and choose the class which suits you best!
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