Improvements to our floatation suite have enabled us to pass on savings in the prices of floats, saunas and spa packages

This August, we closed for 10 days to upgrade our floatation experience. By giving our floatation pool its own float room, within the larger floatation therapy suite, we’ve created a closer environment that’s better at holding the heat around you as you float.

With much less airflow, the air just above the water line stays warmer and so your float is more comfortable than ever.

And because the heat is held in a smaller area, we’re using less energy, so we’re being even kinder to the environment and helping our journey towards net zero.*

Yet our pool remains spacious and open, with plenty of room for your float and, if you wish, for two people to float easily side by side.

It’s very different to tank floatation and a completely unique experience.


* Our heating is already provided by an air-source heat pump.

Lower pricing

Because our pool is now more energy efficient, we’ve chosen to pass on our energy savings in the form of permanently reduced prices.

All floatation prices have been reduced, with floats for one person down by £5 and floats for two down by £10. So…

  • a float for one is now £55
  • a float for two is now £70
  • float spa monthly membership is now an appealing £45 a month
    (with a monthly float inclusive and 10% off other spa visits)

Visit our floatation page for details and to book a float, or visit our spa membership page for membership details or to become a member.

Sauna prices are also reduced by £5. So…

  • a sauna for one is now £20
  • a sauna for two is now £25
  • a 5-sauna card, offering 20% further savings, is reduced from £100 to £80
  • our new 10-sauna card offers 25% further savings, at £150

Visit our sauna page for more details and to book a sauna.

NB Float and sauna concessionary prices are also reduced accordingly.

Most of our spa packages, spa half-days and our spa day are reduced by up to £20. So…

  • Our Unity Duos (float+sauna, float+massage and sauna+massage) are all reduced, with prices now from £65
  • Our Ultimate half-day spa experiences are now priced from £125 (a £15 reduction)
  • Our luxury holistic spa and yoga day, The Ultimate Day of Rejuvenation, is now priced from £145

Visit our spa packages page for more details and to make appointments.

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