Unity’s Fundraising Projects

As a CIC (Community Interest Company), we are committed to serve certain groups with our services, to benefit people who would otherwise find it difficult to access.


Current Projects

To date, we have sourced the refurbishment funds through lenders, donations and grants and have been awarded funding for the following projects:

  • A ‘Movement, Art and Music’ based Stroke Club (Granted by the Chalk Cliff Trust)
  • A ‘Yoga, Music and Art’ project for Children in Foster and adopted care:
    Supporting Children and their Parents & Guardians (Granted by Sussex Community Foundation)

Future Goals

  • A support group for Teenagers: Meditation, Yoga, Music, Theatre, Movement & Music
  • Nature connection, creativity and well-being: A project for children with learning and/or behavioural difficulties
  • Yoga and Mindfulness for the Deaf Community
  • Yoga with a difference: A project and Training to support those with PMLD and neurological conditions
  • Creative Wellbeing for older people; Art, Meditation
  • Yoga & Music for Dementia

Please inform us with ideas and support for other projects and please do contact us if you would like to donate or share your specialist skills.

Our ‘pay it forward’ scheme also allows us to feed these projects from our general classes and therapies.

We are so grateful for all the contributors and current grant funding support.

Thank you for your support to help us to help others.

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Friends of Unity

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a valuable way for companies to demonstrate their investment in community & humanity whilst contributing to society and supporting their employees.

At The Unity Centre Lewes we are keen to bring the benefits of our services to all sectors of the community. We are a CIC, and as such we strive to continuously raise money so that we can offer free and reduced priced classes, events and projects to those most in need. Certain vulnerable or marginalised members of the community are unable to gain access to holistic services, though they can often be life-enhancing and often life-saving.

One way in which we tackle this is through our ‘Friends of Unity’ Scheme.

This is where you as a local business can get involved and at the same time reap rewards in terms of advertising and the well being of your staff.

Benefits to your business

  • Your business advertised as ‘Friends of Unity’ on our website
  • Your business’s name on a ‘Friends of Unity’ board at the Unity Centre
  • Reciprocal arrangement whereby Unity Centre monthly members are given a percentage (e.g. 10%) off of your products or services, or a similar perk. Members will receive a card with the list of ‘Friends of Unity’ supporters which will promote your business

There are 3 levels of donation you can give £500, £1000, £2000

Benefits to your employees

For £500 your employees are offered:

  • 1 hour private yoga workshop for up to 20 staff
  • 2 x private use of sauna (maximum of 4 people)
  • Free 1 month membership for 3 staff members

For £1000 your employees are offered:

  • 2 x 1 hour private workshops for up to 20 staff
  • 3 x private use of sauna (maximum of 4 people)
  • Free 1 month membership for 5 members of staff

For £2000 your employees are offered:

  • 3 x 1 hour private yoga workshops for up to 20 staff
  • 5 x private use of sauna (maximum of 4 people)
  • 2 x floats
  • Free 1 month membership for 6 members of staff

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