Unity spa experience packages

The Unity float and massage experience

Two and a half hours of luxurious relaxation and restorative bliss


The floatation experience

Floatation offers the ultimate in blissful, calming relaxation.

When you arrive at the beautiful Unity Centre in the heart of Lewes you’ll be greeted by one of our lovely Karma Yogis who will take you first of all to our airy floatation suite – a private, self-contained suite where you can change and shower before starting your float. You’ll quickly see that we don’t use floatation tanks. You have personal use of a spacious and open, double-width floatation pool. If you’re enjoying the experience with a partner, member of your household or carer, there’s plenty of room for two.

If it’s your first time, we’ll show you around the suite, get you used to the floatation pool and answer any questions before leaving you to enjoy it.

Your float itself will last a full hour, which is the ideal time to relax fully and enjoy all the benefits of a floatation. You simply sit down, then slowly lie back until your head is either touching the pillow (if you choose to use one) or the water. You might also choose to wear earplugs. As you lie back, your body slowly lifts to the surface so that about a third of you is above the water line. It is the closest thing on Earth to experiencing zero gravity.

The water is constantly heated to skin temperature and contains 300 kgs of Epsom salts, which enables you to float (you do not sink), while nourishing and softening your skin without wrinkling it in the way sea salt would.

And then you do nothing. Just let your mind wander and your body enjoy the experience. Some people listen to music, some to guided meditations, some to nothing, and you can bring your own or choose from our selection. The room is lit by candles and the lights are on dimmers, so you can choose whatever ambience you want. Some choose darkness for a more womblike experience. There is no risk of turning over if you fall asleep.

A float session is a deeply meditative experience before a massage. And you’ll feel the good effects for days after.

The massage experience

After the float, you’ll have time for another shower and to dress ready for your massage. Then you’ll be shown by the Karma Yogi into one of our beautiful massage rooms, perhaps the luxurious Sanctuary with its glowing gold and royal mulberry walls and carefully selected Indian furnishings, the airily peaceful, warm and snug Cabin with its earthy garden feel or one of our larger rooms if there’s two of you, for proper distancing … all with soft blankets, soft pillows and plenty of comfort.

You’ll be greeted there with a welcoming and cleansing foot soak, while one of our carefully chosen, expert and highly experienced Unity massage therapists carries out a brief consultation and you decide what massage you’d like from a range on offer. You’ll see that great care is taken for Covid safety and that the therapist’s PPE includes both mask and visor.

Our massage range includes holistic massage, reflexology, remedial and deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Indian head massage and aromatherapy, as well as traditional reiki, and reiki with crystal therapy, among others. The gentle ring of chimes and the scents of heated oils and herbs make every treatment deeply sacred.

Whichever treatment you choose, you’ll find its effects are so much deeper after the float has already relaxed your body and, even more, your mind. Massage after a float can be quite an enlightening experience, a deep journey of unfolding in body and mind that can stay with us for days and even weeks.

The massage session lasts an hour, after which we’ll be pleased to offer you a delicious and refreshing mint tea and time to relax, and re-engage with the world, in our comfortable Unity Lounge.

Please allow 2½ hours for the Unity float and massage experience.

The Unity float and massage experience costs £111 now £108 for one or £190 now £175 for two people together.

Once you’ve bought your float+massage, call us or pop in to see us to arrange a time for your experience.

General gift vouchers

If you would like to make a gift of a Unity Experience package, we have a range of general gift vouchers, starting at just £10. Visit our gift vouchers page for more.

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