We spend too much time fighting ourselves.
It starts early in the day. We wake up and force ourselves out of bed into a job we hate. We carefully scrutinise all the little details that force us to do it, justify it, and lie to ourselves saying there’s no other choice. We wash our faces in a rush without noticing the person staring back at us in the mirror. When we look up we search for spots that are not good enough. Or worse…we walk away deciding that the reflection in the mirror is not worthy of being looked at all and that catching the bus is more important.
To make ourselves last through the day, we check our mantras app, create vision boards, practise positive thinking, meditate, reinforce beliefs, repeat affirmations, and walk away from the so-called negative people like the devil runs from the cross. It’s just like going to church listening to the priest talk about unconditional love, have our five-minute bliss fix and forget to walk the talk. Then on the following day, we reset our mindset to yesterday’s and we send a happy signal outwards with the thought, “It will be better tomorrow.”
The problem is that we forget that there’s always someone looking at the world through our eyes, feeling every emotion and reading thought. Someone who is smart enough to know what we are avoiding and mischievous enough to have placed at we seek at the end of the avoidance rainbow. That person we are fighting with is no other than our authentic selves. It’s the part of us that wants to escape the cage of beliefs and emotional conditioning where we placed ourselves in for safety and protection. Without acknowledging that the very situations we are trying to protect ourselves from are only happening in the virtual reality of our own personal and energetic matrix.
Yet, it is not our fault. We forgot the rules of our own game. We misunderstood our minds, blamed them, succumbed to the patterns we’ve created to keep us safe and protected and forgot to tell adjust to the new reality, the reality of what’s happening right now. We forget to tell all the previous versions of ourselves that we got this. They have survived against all odds, excelled above the expectations, and right now if we are somewhere they’d not imagine it’s because they made it possible. They are the very reason why we are powerful, strong and worthy.
When, “we focus on the fight because it’s all that we got,” we forget that the endless potential we are seeking to harness for the fight itself lays beyond it. It lays in choosing to love every thought and every emotion involved. It lays in healing the dream we are in and realising we are living the dream we have created.
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