W/FMT is a non-invasive, gentle & yet deep massage covering the upper & lower abdomen, from the diaphragm to just above the pubic bone and the upper & lower back and glutes. We work over the conception vessel (Ren), the Mother Line, the lower chakras, & around the pelvic bowl. Treatments end with wrapping of the head, pelvis & feet with Rebozo scarves. The experience has described as “a coming home”, “transformational”. This feels as though it brings you back into Self, back into Body, Back into Soul, a Restoration of the Soul. The essence of this work is to nurture and nourish, with deep levels of relaxation.
The origins of this abdominal work go back through time and across the world, used by cultures as far apart as Asia and South America. This offering is a cutting-edge therapy which blends with many different modalities which help to support women on a journey to conception & motherhood, for those who seek a deeper relationship with their yonis, for women entering the peri and post menopause transitions ~ all women who are beginning to awaken to this place of creative & procreative energy.
It is a nourishing blend of modalities: massage, pulsing, trigger point therapy, acupressure, reflexology, rebozo, energy work & visualisation. When combined, they work synergistically creating a treatment that encourages you to reconnect with your body, your womb and your heart. This heart~womb connection is important for ALL women. Many of us can experience disconnection from this scared place. There can be many reasons for this ~ contributory factors may be from years of taking the contraceptive pill and hence a disconnect from our menstrual cycles; our first bleed ~ menarche, may have been experienced as anything less than positive. Or we experienced birth trauma, or painful bleeds & we were told “that’s just how it is”.
The work begins on the lower back, sacrum and lumber spine where the nerves exit the spinal column ~ the very nerves which feed the digestive & reproductive organs. Loosening tightness and tension, creating space & relieving constrictions. Emotional releases are common ~ the tissue having held onto memory & trauma being very common. The abdominal area, the lower around the pelvic bone, top of the womb/fallopian tubes & ovaries ~ helping to improve blood supply, releasing adhesions & scar tissue, gently assisting the womb into optimal positions. The liver is supported whilst the immune system response is balanced, and the digestive system encouraged to flow with more ease.
Who is this training for? This training is open to ALL women who feel called to support other women on their journey to womb healing. You may have experienced loss or trauma yourself or you may be on your own fertility journey but you’re feeling a deep calling from within to:
Learn more about the menstrual cycle & how you can use that as a psycho-spiritual template for living a juicer & more creative life.Develop a deep connection between the heart & the womb because it just sounds delicious & makes sense.You’d like to learn and incorporate a balanced self-care programme for yourself & you’re clients.You’d like to sit in circle with your sisters & really experience how empowering that can really be.You’d like to add tools to your toolkit which are really going to set you apart from other practitioners & set you on a path of specialism.Support the sisters around you who are in pain emotionally & physically. You know that allopathic medicine does not have all the answers & you’d like to share alternative practises.
We now have over 400 practitioners in Europe and Australia with an active Facebook support group full of wisdom & support. If you feel called, then we would love to hear from you.
You can contact Andrea at:
andrea@mamaquillafertility.com OR 07866 806433
We sink in deeply, with respect & honouring, we support, we hold, we nurture, we nourish, we witness, and when tears flow you are given the space to let go into your vulnerability, knowing there is no judgement and that you will be held.
This is an invitation into a journey, a journey of healing of YOUR heart & wombspace
The Fertility Massage Training will be held at Unity Studio from 11th – 14th April ’19. Full info here.
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