February 2019

We are all made up of a collection of programs, which we acquire through various channels in the course of our lives: some are innate, some are learned. We are often unaware of these as they influence how we live and how we are. They affect us on the material, emotional, mental and psychic levels,[…]

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W/FMT is a non-invasive, gentle & yet deep massage covering the upper & lower abdomen, from the diaphragm to just above the pubic bone and the upper & lower back and glutes. We work over the conception vessel (Ren), the Mother Line, the lower chakras, & around the pelvic bowl. Treatments end with wrapping of[…]

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Shamanism, Why is it Different? I gain clarity and nourishment from what some people call ‘The invisible realms’. I often have a sense of having one foot in this ‘other world’. This is the land of the mythic, a land of story, archetype and myth. As a shamanic practitioner, I’ve used my shamanic skills and[…]

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It is understood how important yoga can be in helping us live our daily lives so that we find balance, calm and contentment, and this maxim can of course apply to our children too. With this in mind the class I run is set to invite a special cohort of children to Unity to experience[…]

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The Unity team have begun to prepare for the reopening of The Unity Centre!

We'd like to hear from you to help us create a safe and relaxing space, click HERE to complete this simple survey.

We can't wait to see all of you, but our set-up of the centre will be different from before. We'll be implementing new guidelines to ensure that our staff and guests are safe as we ease out of lockdown. Once we have our final plan we'll be in touch about how we move forward towards opening our doors again, and we'll publish our plans on the website.

Thank you again for all of your support!

The Unity Team x