June 2018

So what is it that’s stopping you from trying out and taking up yoga? Perhaps you’re afraid yoga is only for the young or those with particular bodies. Alternatively, you may think yoga is about flexibility, image, religion or status. You’re not alone. There are many misconceptions about yoga. Especially given that today social media[…]

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Where: Yuva eco-resort, farlya village, SW Turkey (a beautiful coastal bay). Travel: Fly to Dalaman, transfer to Yuva, Flying to Istanbul is an option, it may be cheaper than Dalaman Yoga style: Unity Yoga is a deep, meditative style of yoga, which is flowing, restorative and organic. The sessions are two hours allowing for the[…]

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As a single Parent, I have always loved exploring the world with my young daughter, but found it was sometimes tricky to fit in a long yoga practice on our travels. Although I have become highly skilled in multi tasking and managing balances with a 3 year old on my shoulders, I love the fun[…]

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So how does Yoga help those suffering with mental health issues? From what I have experienced, it provides a “tool box” that can be used at any time….whether it be a physical Yoga practice to reconnect with the body and ease the tension that builds up, or whether it be the quietness of relaxation or[…]

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The idea of ‘wholeness’ is at the heart and core of any healing journey, found in many practices and traditions across the world. It is a symbol that holds the restorative energies of completion and integration. It depicts a state where everything is included and in relation to one another, both within and without. And[…]

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How's the New Year's Resolution(s) going ?Come on down to Unity we Love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE ...

We have NEW STUDENT £30 for 30 days unlimited Yoga pass to create some space in your body

We have an INFRARED SAUNA to warm you up (besides all of the health benefits!)

We have an amazing FLOAT POOL to de stress your body (oh and the health benefits are MASSIVE!)

We have the best THERAPISTS offering you a warm welcome with a PLETHORA of Massages and Therapies

We have some fabulous Workshops and Events to interest you 

We've got A LOT going on, pretty sure you are not going to want to miss out ...

WE WELCOME EVERYONE ..... Look forward to seeing you soon x