August 2018

A BRIEF EXPLANATION OF WHAT YOU COOK: Vegan and vegetarian wholesome, wholefood, nutritional plant based goodness. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN COOKING AND HOW DID YOU GET STARTED?: Food has always been a big part of growing up and home life. My father ignited my passion for food, I would watch him cook in awe[…]

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During an episode of anxiety, Hatha Yoga, the physical aspect of yoga practice, is a wonderful way to help “still the fluctuations of the mind” or in sanskrit, “chitti vritta nirodhaha”. This phrase from the great sage, Patanjali’s sutras, or verses of yoga philosophy is now well recognised by yogis in the west as well[…]

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Thank you for your support in our opening week!We have been overjoyed to welcome so many people to our opening weekend and the week of introductory classes, therapies and treatments.

We continue to offer a £30 membership for 30 days for all our new members, you can also drop in to classes and find what suits you best.

Thank you to our wonderful family of teachers and therapists, this has been an unforgettable week!

We would like to apologise for a delay in responding to emails & calls, we have had a few initial technical issues; thank you for bearing with us!

Pop in, we would love to give you a warm welcome,
The Unity Team